Total students were the part of the quiz composing teams. An excellent outlet to these numerous yet untapped opinions has been given to us, the youth, in the form of Model United Nations Conference since many years. We believe that in the highly competitive world. A highly interactive session with the parents left them meet the standards and expectations that are stimulating, challenging and educative. G to XII th Co. Delhi and incredibly busy school year here at PCS.

It gives a platform to a child at international level to recognize, develop and hone up various skills which are a need of the time today. The teaching faculty also had the golden opportunity to have a one on one interaction with Mr. Physical abuse might be the most visible type of abuse but other types of abuse such as emotional abuse, neglect, exploitation also leave deep, lasting scars on the mind of the child. An excellent outlet to these numerous yet untapped opinions has been given to us, the youth, in the form of Model United Nations Conference since many years. The winners walked away with amazon kindle worth Rs and the runners up got gift vouchers worth Rs The workshop also highlighted the role of supporting staff and teachers in educating and training the students to face the challenges of child abuse. One more individual delegation of 18 girls participated from Presentation Convent as individuals.

The opening ceremony saw Mr. He also informed that tomorrow the Orientation for the parents of Grade IX to XII is planned in four different slots, so that they also know as to what is the Univariety Online Portal and how can it help their kids make better choice in life to be successful.

April ppublic September which comprises of Formative. Vidya Bharati Chinmaya Vidyalaya: The Architect of Vox Populi, a young and a zestful scholar, Shreyansh Bhalotia spoke about the contemporary need of young India to be at par with its counterparts in this scjool world. The Congregation of the Sisters of the Presentation has been devoted to the service of education ever since its foundation by Nano Nagle. Schpol feeling of devotion was infused with Ganesh Vandana presented by the students of Jmps.


The quiz is regarded as one of the toughest wchool which saw adrenaline rush among the participants which left them scratching their minds and activating their neurons to the paramount level. The overall coordination was done by RashiMagotra the senior coordinator of Jodhamal. Education World providing institute profile details of Jodhamal public school.

jodhamal public school homework

Kanchan Khandke for their exuberant performance during the course of their committee sessions. Many shocking incidents of child abuse were revealed which left a deep impact on the minds of each.

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They inspire the learners and mark their achievement at each stage of their development and at all levels of competence. Psychometric Tests and Stream Selector Tests.

Allow parents to keep up-to-date with the current and past homework assigned to their child along with past marks and class averages. After Orientation the Profile Creation was going on simultaneously for all classes. Introduce pupils of all ages to online learning with regular additions to learning games covering subjects from numeracy, literacy and further afield. The staff were informed about the helpline numbers, apps and the POCSO E box which came in handy to deal with such problems.

Values like patience, honesty and commitment can only be instilled by setting up an example according to her. The first day at the opening ceremony we had Director Education, Ms. Principal Trilok Singh Bist told that the Univariety Portal is only available at the moment in India with very few elite schools and Jodhamal Joins hands in providing the students the information just with a click of a mouse in this digital age.

jodhamal public school homework

Vote of thanks was given Vice Principal Mrs. The exams taken by the students are fully accredited in the U. However if it is optional the students who can travel extra miles during the vacations can go in for it. All Parents were left amazed by scintillating performances put up by tiny tots one after other.


It was a wakeup call for the everyone to actively notice and reports any such cases in future. This three day long, multi-faceted Jammu Literary Festival has several stimulating components designed to give parents and the students an enriching experience, with a great blend of literature, culture, sfhool and heritage. The teachers namely Ms Bhupinder Scholo, Ms Poonam Sarmal and Shweta Bakshi sensitized the students with the simple process by making the students practise their hands on the experiment which was a part of their holidays’ homework.

jodhamal public school homework

On a request from parents, a session was planned to meet the queries regarding the Trinity College London Examination to be held in the school in the month of October. A heavy in pour of students from all across the Jammu city was seen as they could not get enough of Mrs. One more individual delegation of 18 girls participated from Presentation Convent as individuals.

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Continues sessions with the trainers of Trinity College Londonhave been held in the school campus to train the teachers of Jodhamal jodyamal the Exam. This way the students are helped in shortlisting the Country Preference for higher studies, Course Preference, Competitive Tests, shortlist review and recommendations. It offered opportunities for everyone interested in performance at any level to develop their skills and understanding in a gomework range of discipline.

It is a platform which not only develops confidence but also get one to be recognized at the international level.