The investigation Investigations carried out by the head of centre 6. The candidates and the centre denied any malpractice. For linear qualifications, the option is penalty 3. Statements from the candidates spoken to revealed that she had given advice about particular responses. Any units banked in a previous series are retained, but the units taken in the present series and the aggregation opportunity are lost. The candidate admitted breaching examination rules. The centre investigated and reported that the website had been plagiarised, and the bibliography had not been included by the candidate, but had been added by the teacher, after the work had been submitted.

Candidate B lost all his marks for the component penalty 3 for assisting the copying. The person against whom the allegation has been made will be given the opportunity to make a statement to the Malpractice Committee in light of the material provided. Other awarding bodies will also be informed. The candidate admitted using a mobile phone during the examination. Interviews may also be conducted over the telephone. When the matter was investigated by the centre, however, she admitted she had stolen it from candidate B. It was agreed that candidates, whose certificates had been withdrawn, could be resubmitted for verification and therefore re-certificated during the next six months.

Four days before the deadline, guidelinex, he managed to hand in his coursework. Sanctions and penalties for centre staff malpractice — individuals This sanction applies only to NVQs and similarly assessed and verified qualifications. Review and report Action plans A breach of procedures or regulations which if left unchecked could result in a threat to the examination or assessment. The sketchbook had been missing for 4 days. The candidate admitted breaching examination rules.


There were additions at the end of answers in a different coloured pen in the case of six candidates in the sample seen.

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Sometimes these reports are anonymous. Not all the sanctions are applicable to every type of qualification or circumstance. The normal penalty for this offence is disqualification from all subjects in this series penalty 9. Four other students were involved in the disruption to a lesser extent. Other awarding bodies and the regulators will be informed when a suspension is imposed.

It may also be used with linear qualifications. Alternatively, the JCQ Centre Inspection Service may be notified of the breach of regulations giidelines may randomly, without prior warning, inspect the centre over and above the normal schedule for inspections. This was the second similar incident in a 12 month period.

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Guidelones head of centre will additionally be required to report back to the awarding body on improvements implemented by a set date. Units which have been banked in previous exam series are retained.

jcq coursework guidelines 2013

No marks were given for any work which displayed similarities with that from other candidates, as there was a suspicion that it was not the sole work of the candidate concerned. Withdrawal of approval for specific qualification s Repeated breach of the regulations relating to a specific qualification. GCE A Level English Literature The moderator reported that the candidate had copied extracts from a website into one of her two pieces of work, and had not acknowledged this in the bibliography.

Sanctions and penalties applied against candidates It was agreed that candidates, whose certificates had been withdrawn, could be resubmitted for verification and therefore re-certificated during the next six months.


No supporting evidence was provided by the college. Any involvement must be supervised by a more senior and experienced member of staff. Alternatively, an action plan will be agreed between the awarding body and the centre, and will need to be implemented as a condition of continuing to accept entries or registrations from the centre. It has been drawn up in accordance with Joint Council agreements dealing with malpractice and breaches of security.

Results may also not be issued or may be revoked in cases where malpractice has occurred but it was not established clearly who was to blame. At the end of the examination, she announced that the candidates could leave the examination room, leaving their scripts on their desks. This penalty is only available if the qualification is unitised.

jcq coursework guidelines 2013

The notes were removed from the candidate. The candidate declined to make a statement. Related publications Share Embed Add to favorites Comments. This document details the procedures for investigating and determining allegations of malpractice which in their fairness, thoroughness, impartiality and objectivity meet or exceed the requirements of current law in relation to such matters. The teacher stated that the words said to the candidate should not have been recorded.

Heads of centre are referred ghidelines section 2. The candidate was disqualified from the Religious Studies Unit penalty 5.