Cambridge University Press, Postdoctoral Associate in the Dept. Reconstructing quantum theory from diagrammatic postulates. Efficient quantum communications with multiplexed coherent state fingerprints [ pdf ]. On the power of a unique quantum witness [ pdf ].

Collections Combinatorics and Optimization Theses. Mathematical and Theoretical, 48 2: Limitations on separable measurements by convex optimization. An operational approach to quantum probability. Cambridge University Press,

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jamie sikora thesis

The American Mathematical Monthly, 77 4: Lee and John H. In some sense, the notion of point games is dual to the notion of protocols.

Jamie Sikora | Perimeter Institute

Indeed, there are striking differences between linear programming and semidefinite programming as there are between classical and quantum computation. There has been increased research activity in optimization concerning generalizing theory and algorithms for linear programming to much wider classes of optimization problems such as semidefinite programming.

Of course, “physically impossible” is dependent on the theory that is a faithful description of nature.


A 89, Massar – [PRL 11] Phys. Quantum commitments from complexity assumptions [ pdf ]. The list may be incomplete as not all publishers provide suitable and complete citation data. Generalized probabilistic theories and conic extensions of polytopes.

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Quantum recommendation systems [ pdf ]. Moreover, we discuss some of the difficulties that arise when considering theais theories. Ultimate data hiding in quantum mechanics and beyond.

jamie sikora thesis

Mathematical Programming, Benjamin, New York, Optimal quantum strong coin flipping [ pdf ]. Math Phys 06] Journal of Mathematical Physics, 47, This framework is broad enough to allow for essentially any potential theory of nature, provided that it admits an operational description. Equivalence of relativistic causal structure and process terminality. We discuss the possibility of creating money that is physically impossible to counterfeit.

Strong connections between quantum encodings, non-locality and quantum cryptography [ pdf ]. Employment – now: Almost all of the handful of explicitly described coin-flipping protocols are based on bit-commitment.


How to make unforgeable money in generalised probabilistic theories – Quantum

New constructions for quantum money [ pdf ]. QMA with subset state witnesses [ pdf ]. Quantum Computation and Complexity Theory: We design a computational optimization approach to search for the best protocol based on the semidefinite programming formulations of cheating strategies.

Habilitation a Diriger des Wikora We create a protocol filter using cheating strategies, some of which build upon known strategies and others are based on convex optimization and linear algebra.

How to make unforgeable money in generalised probabilistic theories

Communications in Mathematical Physics, pages Interaction in a quantum world. Metadata Show full item record.

jamie sikora thesis

Collections Combinatorics and Optimization Theses.