I’m getting the feeling Shen isn’t very good at his job after all Inside the courtyard of the Inn, fight off three Lost Spirits and then enter the Inn. While they are talking with you, some demons materialize. I suspect the reward is the final piece to his famous Zither of Discord. Tale of the Mournful Blade Episode How could you think that? In my years in this Empire I have been a wanted criminal, a bandit, a murderer, and worse.

Murder, theft, and worse, yet never a smile or a hint of revelry in what she did. Continue through the caves. Our job is clear. In the back you’ll meet Henpecked Hou and you should explore all his conversation options. We’ll go north first.

I’m ready to tell you which deserved their death.

Jade Empire Part #33 – Tale of the Mournful Blade

It’s a really cool effect. It’s like a year-old tried to write a badass villain oneliner. If you saved The Sickened Forest for last, Inquisitor Lim is waiting for you in area where you exit the caves. Regardless, return to the Inn where the residents if you didn’t kill them earlier will instantly transform into their normal selves and attack.

Since when have ghosts in this game been able to disguise themselves as living people, to the extent they can balded fool Dawn Star? He deserved to live as I did, but has never felt a moment’s remorse for his part in that day.


The Zither of Discord

Fortunately, the Power Attack from the Lost Spirits can be dodged. Blades spirit didn’t stay here at all, though! I will say, though, that the elder Fong looks remarkably corporeal for a spirit.

jade empire bladed thesis test

On your way into Heaven, make sure you read the two scrollstands in the temple for extra rhesis. The two of them accompany you into the fight with Mother. Now you’re getting yours, you old bastard! Then we’d kill them, take their pocket money and laugh in their faces as we kick them a few times when they’re down. When you defeat Lim, you get the second piece of your amulet and Chapter 2 is officially over.

The double axe style is massively strong against these guys.

jade empire bladed thesis test

Much like Stone Immortal, the visual aspect of it is really lacking. I realize they’re going for the ironic echo, but what is it Captain Sen would be telling the others about?

I was in love. You probably remember passing these furnaces when coming uphill and not being able to do anything with them. The Ghost Lord is barely a threat at this point, so we make short work of him.

Target them and hit them with Quick Attacks don’t waste time winding up Power Attacks. He has a Magic attack typically Ice Shard and the regular cannibals are slow enough that you can keep them at bay with Area Attacks and focus on their master.


Jade Empire: Special Edition PC Game Guide – The Gamers’ Temple – Page 24

Look how much chi and focus we spent trying to take this guy down. It fills in as you explore the area, and as you can see we’ve explored the southern half of the Necropolis pretty thoroughly.

Let’s head to the market district and find out what’s happening. He can also zap us and drain our health and chi from a mile away, which hladed very annoying.

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The artifact is supposed to be in thesjs room at the end of the tomb. What choice do I have? Nobody helped him pass Bladed Thesis’ test which he’d have failed miserably, nobody at all. I will take it. I had tried to rob a store armed with a saber that my husband had used before his death.

True to his word, Bladed Thesis appears and eats Six Heavens’ soul, making himself more powerful in the process.

It’s something Aishi would have wanted you to have, I think. The bridge is missing, as I thought it would be. How could you do this to me?