The assessment also underscored the importance of efforts to ensure quality performance data was in place and aligned to corporate plans and priorities to support trend analysis and management decisions. As well, the Trade Commissioner Service will support Canadian businesses working abroad, such as in the clean technologies and creative industries sectors, and will continue to promote Canada as an education destination. With international trade equal to more than 60 percent of Canada’s gross domestic product GDP , support for international trade remained central to the department’s efforts to enhance Canadian economic prosperity over the past year. Analysis of student-day costs can help determine which training delivery modes are more or less expensive, and which programs were delivered to the most students per dollar. National Accommodation management team confirmed that due to lack of operational objectives and plans, service delivery is client driven, as opposed to a top-down departmental approach.

When accommodation was moved into the Human Resources Branch, the mandate, roles and responsibilities were not formally confirmed and communicated. The tax system can be used to achieve public policy objectives through the application of special measures such as low tax rates, exemptions, deductions, deferrals and credits. Return to footnote 2 referrer. Canada recognizes that achieving significant economic and social progress in the developing world reduces poverty for billions of people, improves health outcomes for the most vulnerable and contributes to longer-term prosperity and security for Canadians. To help ensure the security of its personnel, at home and abroad, three risk responses were fully implemented and five responses will continue to be implemented within DFATD’s Corporate Risk Profile. The variance is mainly attributable to supplementary funding received from the International Assistance Envelope Crisis Pool for Ebola and Iraq. Training was delivered to more than 30, health workers, over 6 million women were provided with pre-natal supplements for healthier pregnancies, and 5.

In the implementation of the renewed Materiel Management module, the CFO should address information requirements for procurement and contracting by making compulsory, across the department the use of this module to effect any transaction. To ensure Canada achieves good value for development investments, this sub-program tracks the performance of DFATD-funded organizations.

Evaluation of the Canadian Foreign Service Institute – FINAL REPORT

Canada’s International Agenda – The international agenda is shaped to advance Canadian security, prosperity, interests and values Strategic Outcome 2: A new human resources strategy continued to be implemented to increase the flexibility and versatility of the workforce. This mandate poses challenges on the training front, since training is required that may not be easily met by other learning providers.


integrated corporate business plan dfatd

Return to footnote xiv referrer. To find out more about the department and its achievements, we invite you to visit the departmental website. Return to footnote xii referrer.

The backlog for staffing actions, however, could not busoness determined due to the absence of consolidated data. Are there alternative service providers that can meet the same training needs?

integrated corporate business plan dfatd

To advance hemispheric economic opportunity, ministerial visits were also conducted to Colombia, Peru and Mexico and consultations were completed with Brazil on economic and trade issues. Canada is a global leader in championing the rules-based international trading system and its institutions.

The departmental clients that either disagreed or strongly disagreed with the above statement cited a lack of capacity and pedagogical expertise for effective course offerings. Integrated corporate business plan dfatd. Program managers rely on external resources to bisiness their mandate. Cyber-attacks, individual exfiltration of information or limitations of government-wide systems could result in a breach of government-owned information, lead to denial of service and create a perception that DFATD is vusiness secure.

Contribute to inclusive Canadian and global prosperity through increased and diversified international trade, and foreign direct investment. As of bsiness, through Canadian and global partners, Canada’s leadership within the Muskoka Initiative on MNCH buslness to ensure that mothers, newborns and children were receiving life-saving interventions, including:.

Senior management is aware of some of these inefficiencies. Furthermore, no departmental mechanism is in place to centrally review and control the consistency of plans throughout the units delivering procurement and contracting services.

integrated corporate business plan dfatd

There is strong leadership and engagement in the development of CIDA’s five strategic and twelve annual Agency priorities. Under the leadership of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister dfxtd International Trade, and the Minister of International Development, DFATD is responsible for the conduct of Canada’s international relations, including foreign affairs, international trade and commerce, and international development.

The table provides examples of indicators used to measure progress toward outcomes. In Syria, Canadian humanitarian partners provided drinking water to 16 million people, food assistance to 4.


The department helps partners provide food, water, health care including comprehensive sexual and reproductive health, sanitation and shelter to crisis-affected populations, while seeking their protection, including from sexual and gender-based violence.

Departmental Performance Report 2014-15

The results are based on a comparison of the conditions, as they existed at the time, against pre-established audit criteria that were agreed upon with management.

This work produced a number of results, including through long-term institutional support to the International Fund for Agricultural Development 3.

Canada recognizes that achieving significant economic and social progress in the developing world reduces poverty for billions of people, improves health outcomes for the most vulnerable and contributes to longer-term prosperity and security for Canadians. The department will also work to advance ratification and implementation of the Canada-Ukraine Free Trade AgreementFootnote vi signed in July Priorities represent cororate things that are most important or what must be done first to integrateed the achievement of the desired Strategic Outcome s.

Inthe AIHRC contributed to advances on human rights compliance legislation including revisions to the Criminal Procedure Code to preserve women’s rights; increased human rights awareness in government ministries, schools and civil society organizations through over 1, workshops; and, the release of illegal detainees intsgrated a result of legal support, monitoring and investigation.

The evaluation also found that despite acknowledged capacity limitations, CFSI has effectively supported the delivery of training bisiness most providers throughout the Department.

Global Affairs Canada is exposed to a broad set of risks that could impede its ability to achieve its planned results. Baseline data was collected for the third indicator. Pearson Building, as well as at a dedicated campus at the Bisson Centre. As part of the implementation of the Procurement Modernization Initiative, which adopts a client-centric procurement model, the domestic and mission procurement operations division were created to provide high-quality services to DFATD and its missions abroad, respectively.