Even the possibility of universal suffrage was discussed. Nederland sinds Haarlem, Roon, van, E. Modern Parliaments in the Low Countries, in: In , Hendrik Pyttersen had taken up the same line of argumentation while speaking about local elections: One of the factors I wish to mention is the decrease of criminality in England after the implementation of compulsory school attendance yonder. Den Hertog did not literally say that education as a whole would suffer because the teacher would have to bring up the undisciplined children from scratch and by himself, but it is clear that he hinted on it to say the least. In , Ketelaar said:

This semantic analysis, conducted over a relatively long period of time, results in an insight in the liberal vocabulary on education and its meaning. As said, primary sources like the Handelingen could expand the working arena within the discipline of the history of education. The actual result of this ideology in the liberal discourse is discussed below. Together with the military service, these two issues dominated parliamentary debates throughout the s, s and s. It was in this context too that the topic of education was relevant and reoccurring. The latter option would occur for the first time in the s.

Talsma, De verzuiling voorbij. It is conditional because the process of teaching will not take place before the process of upbringing has been fulfilled unto a certain inleidinng.

In the eyes of the Dutch liberals, not only tuesis voting ballot was a form of education; so was military training, and it was highly suitable for morally disciplining the masses. On the one hand, it aims to give an anthology of the possibilities of such a semantic approach to the Handelingen by appointing relevant contexts and showing the meaning of a vocabulary in different contexts in the past.

I fully agree with those who see the family as the cornerstone of our entire society and those who thesjs the upbringing within the domestic sphere at the highest. Although Tydeman does not mention the process of education, it is clear that he grants great importance to the process of upbringing.

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Van oude orde naar moderniteit, Amsterdam, Stuurman, Siep, Verzuiling, kapitalisme en patriarchaat: But thesos there no further attention to the role of the family when it came to upbringing? Together with Bos, Smidt did not completely exclude families from the process of upbringing, but both granted only a passive role to the family to play in this process.


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Although these two quotes were thus made under a different registration and within different parliamentary circumstances, they both suggests that differing ideological backgrounds did not necessarily meant great differences in the semantic discourse.

Schaalvergroting en integratie sinds Nijmegen, While analysing and rebuilding a discourse at the end of 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century or in any period of time at allit is inevitable for the researcher rhesis look at the discourse in a completely unbiased and objective manner: If the upbringing of the part of the population fails, they might cost a lot in the nearby future, and these costs will be for the state to yield.

This will intensify the labour of the teacher in an undeniable fashion: As has been mentioned above, the liberals transferred several of their oldest values into politics. This step formed the aspect of mapping in the process of this research, and was followed by the step of comparing: Academics have written about the decades during which the School Debate climaxed, about liberal ideologies 75 Handelingen der Staten Generaal II, Because of the interdisciplinary applicability of a semantic analysis, this method is also highly recommendable to every researcher that is concerned with Dutch discourses on socio-political issues, since until today.

Their unwillingness to support special education was not entirely based on an aversion of thhesis founded on Christian values, but rested on the liberal conception of education too.

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Therefore, some liberals concluded that the responsibility to fund the public schools — and even confessional schools. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

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The following therefore consists of a short sketch of the political environment in the Netherlands leading up to and in the period between and and an analysis of a compilation of liberal quotations in the same period from these contexts: The fact that these words are spoken in a discussion on tuition fees suggests that Van der Feltz too thinks that the actual upbringing happens in a professional environment, and not within the family — for free.


The state gives directions on the subjects that are taught in education, but that is not a way of upbringing: By connecting them, four different contexts arise: They wished for an educational institution that taught out of Catholic, Protestant or Reformed principles.

Society and community life could provide the lessons essential to the intellectual elevation of the population as well and could function as schools.

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The liberal movement could not stay behind. From the relevant documents that the searching engine would bring up, the debates that discussed four specific and different topics were chosen, all four were relevant and current socio-political issues at the moment see below and therefore kjleuven interesting contexts.

Inldiding the field of historical research, the Handelingen are interesting on several levels. Did these meanings change in a relatively short time, or would they stay the same and form their own epochs?

The honourable deputy from Goes and his supporters think that confessional education is essential in the upbringing, and every child needs an upbringing.

What is interesting in this context is that there was no mention of educational systems and schools.

The emphasis on the teachers task to civilise or raise pupils, and not on didactics or on a qualitative discussion on the specific skills or knowledge these children should obtain, that kept on coming back within the lines of thinking of every MP, indicates how the liberal semantic discourse on education was shaped.

In parliament, the goal of this modern educational direction was as clear to the liberals as the national future they foresaw.