Thank you for doing this for me. He was named after a late fuku-taichou, Shiba Kaien. I downright hated Orihime but if someone told me something about her I tried to just keep my snerkings and rants to myself. I agree that those eyes of his look very sweet, and if he made them ONLY at Orihime, I would conceed that it was a hint for IchiHime and the pairing had a chance. However, he decided to raise his children in a normal way. I can’t wait to see you again: Reply Parent Thread Link.

I like the way it’s the essay is so analytical, to the point and ‘specially love the fan stuff linkies on the bottom. Recently I went back and read the manga from the beginning, and while I was reading, it never occurred to me that IchiHime was ever a pairing that had any chance of becoming canon. BUT– in serious denial, young or just have no concept of being “in- love. Bleach lovers will know the two couples I mentioned in the Subject. More than just denying any and all possibilities for IchiHime the guy’s a-sexual, leave the poor girl alone! And much better than my usual explanation, which is to open the book to any given page and say, “Look.

Firstly, I’d like to say how happy I am you enjoyed reading this. However, it seems like Ichigo hates that fact.


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Designed by Lilia Ahner. It was linked from your fanfic thread posted this morning.

One of the moments I like best is when Orihime cried out for Ichigo in her sleep, woke up, confused to see Uryuu, and then he apologized for not being Ichigo. Because a couple isn’t made from a single persons feelings,it requires feelings from both of them. Thanks so much for doing this!

Aah this essay is just seriously amazing!

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Write an essay describing your family. And if he’s inlove with Rukia then Livejoyrnal sorry, but Ichigo and Chado are freaking soul matesok?

The Shipper’s Manifesto

Meanwhile, his Karin-obachan is almost normal. Again, claps for the essay! Another thing people say is that even though Ichigo has never shown any romantic feelings for Orihime don’t even get me started livvejournal people who say otherwise I will be the first to wish her dead. April 18th, There is still no guarantee that Kubo will end Bleach with any pairing, and I think there is a good chance he will not.

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Bleach lovers will know the two couples I mentioned in the Subject. This will be bookmarked, I assure you. She is such a sweet lady and she cooks very well. Kaien has been there for so many times, yet, he ends up getting lost.

IchiRuki Essay Contest Winner: “SS Arc Gone Wrong” – Bleachness

The best way to see these,is to see what kind of interactions do they have? It’s just because I saw that Rukia is actually the best for Ichigo. Kurosaki Kaien can describe his family in so many ways. Kaien secretly prays to his grandmother that his orange-haired dad would never do it to him because surely, he will also hit him back. I don’t own Bleach. I never thought you switched sides or anything like that Thank you for a brilliant, well-composed piece.


And let’s pray for Byakuya and Kenpachi!

ichiruki essay livejournal

Kaien groggily went on his way downstairs. Who is it again? So,in short,I wonder how they see a romantic possibility for Ichihime relationship.

I won’t even go into all the male x male relationships I can see Ichigo getting his pretty little behind into. I was under the impression this was an out of the way, mostly dead ichiruko with a single post though I do like this post X3 that no one really paid attention to o: The younger Kurosaki shook his head. And I just plain adore this ship so thankyou XD.

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