A strategy for diagnosing and interpreting hydrological model nonstationarity, Water Resour. We find that for the selected chemicals predictions are generally within a factor of 2 to 4 from observed concentrations. We reviewed research perspectives and ambitions of connectivity scientists in order to improve joint connectivity research across disciplinary boundaries. We analyse the control of hydroclimatic factors — erosive rainfall, ice melt, and snowmelt — on suspended sediment concentration SSC of Alpine catchments regulated by hydropower, and we develop a multivariate hydroclimatic—informed rating curve. Marked suppression of secondary hyperparathy-

Results showed that the differences in performance arising from the forcing data were due to compensation effects. Numerical Recipes in C: The C — Q rating curve ability declined due to enhanced hysteresis effects. We implemented a multi-method approach and found that melt contribution varies considerably and may drive streamflow variability at hourly to multi-year timescales, rather than buffer it, as commonly thought. This study used a relatively new method based on climate data to estimate S r values in boreal regions, instead of using soil data. Effects of climatic seasonality on the isotopic composition of evaporating soil waters, Hydrol. Assessing the impact of future land-use changes on hydrological processes in the Elbow River watershed in southern Alberta, Canada, J.

Most changes are from climate change; however, vegetation impacts blowing snow, partially compensating the impact of climate change on streamflow.

The unit hydrograph has been one of the most widely employed modelling techniques to predict rainfall-runoff behaviour of hydrological catchments.

In this paper, we propose a novel data-driven approach for rainfall—runoff modelling, using the long short-term memory LSTM network, a special type of recurrent neural network. Evapotranspiration ET rates and the properties regulating them are spatially heterogeneous at scales much smaller than weefts Earth System Models ESMs grid cells.

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Effects of climatic seasonality on the isotopic composition of evaporating soil waters, Hydrol. Evolutionary multiobjective optimization in water resources: Catchment hydrology Techniques and Approaches: This study used observed meteorology from the last 56 years and changes in vegetation to simulate the water cycle of an Arctic headwater basin.


hubert weerts dissertation

Here we present a three-dimensional fluid dynamic solver that simulates the flow as a mixture of a pressure-dependent rheology model of the gravel mixed with a Herschel—Bulkley rheology of the fine material suspension. Imme Benedict, Chiel C. The results show that these impacts increase future flood risk in urban environments and that current design guidelines need to be adjusted so that effective adaptation measures can be implemented.

This study shows a weets decrease in rainfall and a tendency marked towards a decrease in the water resources of the catchment in response to climate trends, with a consistent increase in drought severity and duration. This work is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.

Testing and validating environmental models, Sci. Parameter optimization is necessary to improve the flood forecasting capability of physically based distributed hydrological model. Water flux tracking disswrtation a distributed hydrological model to quantify controls on the spatiotemporal variability of transit time distributions, Water Resour.

In many river basins, the development of hydrological models is challenged by poor discharge data availability and quality. This new method allows storm hysteresis behaviour to be directly compared between storms, parameters, and catchments, meaning it has wide application potential in water quality research.

Hubert Weerts Dissertation

Temporal dynamics of catchment transit times from stable isotope data, Water Resour. The flow regime shifted from perennial to intermittent. Based on a detailed analysis of the variable behavior of isotopic and chemical tracers in stream water and precipitation over a 4-week period, we developed a conceptual hypothesis for runoff generation in the studied catchment. This is applied to a semi-distributed rainfall-runoff model for the semi-arid, poorly gauged Mara River basin in Kenya.


Catchment mean transit times and young water fractions under hydrologic nonstationarity, Hydrol. We also found that modellers’ and experimentalists’ concept of model realism differs, and the level of detail a model should have to reproduce the processes expected must be agreed in advance.

A relationship between the Hurst H exponent a long-term correlation coefficient within a flow time series and various catchment characteristics for a number of catchments in the USA and Australia was investigated. Historical Perspective and Management.

Chemical studies of wesrts and stable oxygen isotopes in 2 conifer afforested and moorland sites in the British uplands, J. The relationship among glacier melt, groundwater, and streamflow remains highly uncertain, especially in tropical glacierized watersheds in response to climate.

hubert weerts dissertation

These models can be used for river basin areal rainfall forecast and water resources and power generation planning for climate uncertainty. Modeling the catchment via weeerts Tovey, Donald Francis, Sir. An overview of science strategy and major results from the second and third workshops, J.

Averaging over this spatial heterogeneity leads to biased estimates of fluxes in ESMs. We argue that open competitions, integrating DL and process-based models, more data ewerts, data collection from citizen scientists, and improved education will be needed to incubate advances in hydrology. We present a model for water and sediment transport in a small catchment.

hubert weerts dissertation

This is demonstrated using both synthetic user generated observations and real-world observations. Recently, deep learning DL has emerged as a revolutionary tool for transforming industries and scientific disciplines.