Each floated segment is then towed to the location, once in position, the sealed is broken causing it to sink into final location. Sorry, but copying text is not allowed on this site. The image shows the different acquisitions in green ERS-2 – acquired May and blue Envisat – acquired September ERS and Envisat Instrument: Tsing Ma bridge is built to connect from the airport to the city of Hong Kong which is part of the Lantau link. Landsat 5 and 7.

For terminal 2, it covers an area of m2 and a SkyPlaza in it which offers the retail stores and entertainments to the passengers. It is colloquially known as Chek Lap Kok Airport, being built on the island of Chek Lap Kok by land reclamation, and also to distinguish it from its predecessor, the closed Kai Tak Airport. Construction of highways 4. ETM 30 and 15 metre resolution Product: In my own words, the aim of the Hong Kong International Airport is to serve the passengers and their luggage safely and quickly. As for the runway designs, Hong Kong International Airport has now two runways to handle the capacity of the aircrafts. Terminal 1 is known as the third largest terminal in the world, which covers an area of m2.

Terminal 1 is known as the third largest terminal in the world, which covers an area of m2.

Construction of Tsing-Ma Bridge. The 1st option is maintaining the existing 2-runways systems. How about receiving a customized one? How to cite this page Choose cite format: If you contact us after hours, we’ll get back to you in 24 hours or less. This method required lesser ground stury and can maintain the operation of the road below the construction.


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HKIA also operates one of the world’s largest passenger terminal buildings the largest when opened in and operates 24 hours a day. They are huge concrete structure seated on bedrock on the landside of Tsing Yi and Ma Wan.

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The animation shows the phases of the different caze of airport construction starting from July to September North Lantau expressway was constructed to link the hong kong international airport to the Tsing ma bridge.

The full resolution images taken by ERS and Envisat, show the details of the area using different images acquired during these missions. There are currently 2 terminals for the Hong Kong International Airport, which are terminal 1 and terminal 2.

It is one of the largest double deck suspension bridge in the world. How about make it original? The Cable is installed by aerial spinning process which involves drawing wire from a constant- tension supply and pulling the wires from one anchorage to another. The mountain of the two small islands were blasted.

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What are the main problems associated with the social welfare system in Hong Kong? The suspension cable is pulled by large gravity anchorages at both ends of the bridge. From to the images show the state of work on the island.

Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! The well-planned HKIA is definitely a good example of sustainable construction product and well-equipped by lot of facilities such as Hong Kong Business Aviation Centre, Intermodal transportation hub, Aircraft maintenance services, Airport based ground services and Baggage and cargo facilities. The image shows the different acquisitions in green ERS-2 – acquired May and blue Envisat – acquired September The underwater dredger splashing the removing layer sand from seafloor.


The bridge is stiffening by adding another deck below the top deck.

ICE Proceedings, 7 2p. Besides, the walls of the terminal are constructed transparent so that the passengers feel that they are really in the airports and can enjoy the departure and taking off of the aircrafts. The highway accommodates a dual three-lane highway and high speed airport railway.

The image shows the large area where the new Hong Kong Airport is built along with the infrastructures constructed along the coast to make for an easier connection to the city. The construction of HKIA was not about the airport solely but the roads, bridge, tunnel and bridge links to the airport also. This image taken from Landsat 7, is a merge between multi-spectral 30 metre and panchromatic 15 metre bands.

Before that could be happened, large underwater dredger used to clean the seafloor.

hkia case study sample

Yeung For more information, view the report PDF. In order to improve the coping of the capacity and the management of the aircrafts, two options have been made to the public. To take care of the passengers, the Arrivals Halls and The Departures Halls have only 1 level difference and there are lifts, escalators and ramps to help them access to these levels. TM 30 metre resolution Product: ISAR detection of residual settlement of an ocean reclamation engineering project: