Crisis of good governance in Pakistan is not a new concept. Democracy and good governance are interrelated to each other. Equality in the biological creation of men and women b. Effective and in time implementation of the law is another deciding factor in the process of good governance. Corruption is like a cancer that eats up the very social, political and economic fabric of a society. Corruption perception index by Transparency International ranks Pakistan at th position out of countries which is alarmingly bad.

Almost every democratic government has launched poverty reduction programs but all proved futile and ended in corruption. This was an open violation of the principle of good governance. Democracy and good governance are interrelated to each other. In Pakistan, economic governance is the victim of political instability. In Pakistan, during the military rules, the institutions of executive, legislature and even judiciary have brought into personalization of the ruling dictator. In Pakistan, more is being spent on building infrastructure and little on provision of basic facilities like health, education and employment.

No state is free of all crises but it is the quality of governance that ensures its survival through any crisis. It is inevitable for …. And, in this regard dissemination of education through media campaigns can play a pivotal role.

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In the contemporary run, country might be facing the governance crisis but the evolving custom of political stability is a ray of hope. New dams and barrages must be built without putting national and political stability at stake.


good governance essay jwt

Merit or fairness is essential for good governance and the both support jwtt other. Docile and politicized institutions cannot control, let alone to eradicate, corruption. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. In political arena, it creates political instability, worsens law and order situation, gives way to military interventions and causes an acute leadership crisis.

Flourishing economy is one of governancf major components of good governance as both are interrelated in one way or the other. Sections of this page.

Media can prove to a vibrant factor in motivating public participation in national decision-making processes and can also create the awareness of rights and duties among the general public.

Merit yovernance killed iv. Even if the state officials are corrupt, the bad governance can be averted by holding them accountable.

Head of the family m. Good governance comes through strong and independent institutions of the state. To put in a nut shell, it may be stated that good governance is an inevitable phenomenon for the smooth working of any state machinery. Unequal distribution of resources 8. The fact that a particular message is posted on or transmitted using this web site does not mean that CSSForum has endorsed that message in any way or verified the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any message.

Good governance is quite a wider term that encompasses within itself multiple factors that are considered inevitable for its proper implementation that includes democracy, rule of law, constitutional supremacy, accountability and public participation in decision-making.


It is a matter of grave misfortune for the entire nation that ever since the birth of Pakistan, democracy could not flourish here due to frequent martial laws and unnecessary intervention of military dictators in the state affairs.

Government should have control on the hoarding mafia, particularly those involved in the hoarding of eatable commodities. Rule of law b. Democracy and good governance are interrelated to each other. With faith, disciplined and selfless devotion to duty, there is nothing worthwhile that you cannot achieve. Recent Post by Page. With measured reforms and institutionalization, governance can be made better in the country. For English Tovernance can you guys guide me would i need any English mentor to cover exploring world of English and book by Martin?

Fourthly, the priorities of a government also determine jdt level of state governance. You may also like.

Crisis of good governance

This was goverhance open violation of the principle of good governance. In Yemen, millions of people are on the brink of famine.

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good governance essay jwt

Need for Good Governance in Pakistan. People get access to opportunities b. People at the helm of affairs need to understand that good governance is more than mere management.