U hebt aantoonbare ervaring met experimenteel onderzoek en het meten van psychofysiologische maten o. Here only the H tones in each contour were varied, as indicated by the upper arrows in Figures 3. Language in Interaction Consortium Maximum salary: In the context of continuation intonation, languages with continuation rises may differ in their preferred preboundary nuclear pitch accent and consequently the shape of the whole contour. It differs from earlier studies first in that stimuli were generated from nonsense source utterances and quite untruthfully presented to subjects as taken from Duchihula, a little-known language spoken on a South Pacific island. With a view to continuation, the position may be expanded to include teaching and clinical work.

The meaning of termination is underspecified. In this situation, British English and Dutch speakers project their pitch range in the same way on the semantic scale, such that a pitch value will correspond with identical semantic values in the two languages. Three implementations of a Type-1 difference in the perception of paralinguistic intonational meanings deriving from the biological codes: Na een beoordeling en bij gebleken geschiktheid wordt de aanstelling verlengd voor het resterende deel van het project. You will be provided with budgetary resources, a PhD student or technician, materials and consumables. Examples of tune-text associations.

This in turn results into a situation where the speaker conveys two contradictory intentions in one phrase.

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Peak Height increases from level 1 to level 5. The exploitation of the connection between pitch and the size of the vocalizer is identified as the Frequency Code Vifae Furthermore, motivatiie will liaise with other postdoctoral fellows in companion projects on variability in language learning and the biological bases of language skills.

They were given phonetic transcriptions, and were asked to read the utterances with a non-emphatic stress on the penultimate syllable.

The meaning of a total contour would also seem to be the sum of the meanings of its parts. The speaker uses this contour to express surprise, as in 1 ; or to suggest that the u content of the utterance is redundant or unnecessary, as in 2.


It is known that the distance between a given stimulus and the anchor can have an effect on the perceptual judgement.

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There are two views on where intonational meaning comes motivagie. Blom, volgens besluit van het College van Decanen in het openbaar te verdedigen op vrijdag 21 januari des namiddags om 1. He included two phonological levels in the representation of pitch contours, a surface level and an underlying level, whereas Pierrehumbert had one phonological level, i.

Interestingly enough, these cues seem to affect the perception of questions to different degrees and arguably in different manners. The contrast between Dutch 5. Het verhaal is te LANG. This may be because a wider span can signal a higher degree of significance according to the Effort Code and the speaker who presents certain information as significant can be seen as an individual with self-confidence.

That is, while languages can and do differ widely in how discrete pitch categories are used to contrast lexical or phrasal meanings, vitar languages seem to use gradient variations in pitch properties to signal different degrees of a certain set of meanings.

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That is, they conform to general principles governing the form of agonistic displays across species documented in Morton Grover, Jamieson and Dobrovolsky followed Delattre in this overstatement. Turning to Dutch question intonation, it has been suggested that a number of intonational properties are systematically used to distinguish questions from statements, including a higher beginning, a final rise, and a higher register in addition to a higher nuclear accent peak and absence of declination see Haan In the context of continuation intonation, languages with continuation rises may differ in their preferred preboundary nuclear pitch accent and consequently the shape of the whole contour.

Van Rijn at the Department of Experimental Psychology at the University of Groningen, will involve cognitive neuroscience research and computational modeling on the neurobiological basis of time perception.

A case in point is Dutch, in which four phonologically different contours may occur in questions i. It addresses research question 4. Language-specificity in the use of the Effort Code 85 formulirr.


The distribution of these three contours in these instances was as follows: Rietveld, Gussenhoven, Wichmann and Grabe first put motivate the idea that standard pitch range can influence the perception of intonational meaning.

The duration of the stressed penultimate vowel was normalised to ms in all source utterances to make sure manipulation related to time alignment of a pitch target in the penultimate syllable was identical across source utterances.


Functie-eisen U hebt aantoonbare ervaring met experimenteel onderzoek en het meten van psychofysiologische maten o.

The details on how span and register variations were realised in each experiment are presented in sections 3.

formulier motivatie en curriculum vitae uu

The Frequency Code was initially proposed by Ohala to account for the cross-language uses of pitch on the basis of the widely attested functions of avian and mammalian vocalisations in hostile situations Morton This result indicates that the increase in the perceived surprise from level 1 to level 3 of Peak Alignment found for Dutch listeners was not found for British English listeners.

Note that both Pierrehumbert and Hirschberg and Bartels implied that each motivatoe of a tune contributes to the overall meaning of the tune independently and the meaning of the tune is equal to the sum of meanings of the components.

T1 Hz — source utterance pair 1; T2 Hz — source utterance pair 2; T3 Hz — source pair 3; T4 Hz — source utterance pair 4, T5 Hz — source utterance pair 5.

Gussenhoven referred to these three physiological conditions and their corresponding interpretations as the Frequency Code Ohala, the Effort Code, and the Production Phase Code or Production Code for short Gussenhoven respectively. Ohalaand Gussenhovenwill be reviewed in this section.