Reasonable accommodations may be available for students who wish to participate in traditional and customary observances of their religion on days when schools are open. The continuing effort to keep Frederick County public schools drug, alcohol and tobacco free is not directed against students, but against illegal substance abuse. Use of Internet access in Frederick County public schools is limited to school-related academic activities, and staff members are responsible to ensure appropriate training and supervision of students. Be sure your school, grade level and news options are updated for the school year: Title IX of the Educational Amendments of prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender in educational programs or activities receiving federal funds and requires equal opportunity in admissions, athletics, counseling, access to courses, and employment policies regarding marital or parental status of students and treatment of students. Students may ride only their assigned bus and must provide their own transportation if they are enrolled at a school outside their attendance area.

Under certain circumstances, sexual harassment may constitute child abuse. There is hope for the Fauquier County Public Schools student holed up in his or her room for hours on end laboring over homework assignments. FCPS encourages schools to adopt school-specific dress codes to establish appropriate learning environments that reinforce the school’s mission while respecting students’ rights. Secondary school students or their parents who do not wish this information released to military recruiters must annually:. On the first school day, students get important forms for parents to complete and return promptly.

Additionally, the school system will forward educational records on request to a school system in which a student seeks or intends to enroll. It also stipulates that a student may receive an unsatisfactory mark in grades and a failing grade in grades in the affected class or classes if there is an excess of five 5 unlawful absences in a term.

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Students are encouraged not to take medication during the school day. Discipline The FCPS discipline philosophy is based on the goals of fostering, teaching and acknowledging positive behavior. Elementary students who have been absent 27 days by the end of third term may be considered for possible retention. It is a serious offense for employees except security personnelvolunteers, substitutes and visitors to possess any rifle, gun, knife or deadly weapon of any hmoework on any school property in Maryland.


The domains attempt to clarify that the school division values practice, inquiry and discussion, sustained reading or writing and project-based learning: Report forms are available hommework every building.

Under certain circumstances, sexual harassment may constitute child abuse.

Major Warner, associate superintendent for instruction, presented a regulation to the Fauquier County School Board at its June 13 meeting that will lay a firm foundation for what homework should look like for FCPS students in the coming school year and beyond.

You may add a phone number for text messaegs, sent only when a school is unexpectedly closing. It should be varied. Maryland law requires that every employee and volunteer of the local school system who has reason to believe that a child has been subjected to physical abuse, sexual abuse, mental injury or neglect shall immediately report it to the local department of social services or appropriate law enforcement agency.

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Occasionally, inclement weather or other safety or health conditions require us to close or delay all or some schools. Jeck noted that there is a great deal of empirical data regarding the value of homework. To apply, please contact the school you wish to rent for specific instructions.

FCPS conducts regular inspections of school facilities to determine the location and condition of any asbestos-containing building material which may be present. FCPS utilizes staff training, IPM inspection, and sanitation practices to minimize or eliminate the need for pesticide use. In unusual circumstances, a principal may allow additional visits as excused absences.

Use of Animals in Instruction The scientifically appropriate use of animals in the classroom laboratory under qualified adult supervision is encouraged for learning purposes.

Students should arrive at school no earlier than 30 minutes before instruction begins and leave the grounds within 30 minutes after instruction ends, except when participating in school-sponsored activities. Following are bomework of frequently searched policies and regulations. Schools must be safe, provide an optimal environment for achievement and be free from violence. A principal or assistant principal may make a reasonable search of a student on the school premises if there is a reasonable belief that the student is in possession of an item, the possession of homeworo is a criminal offense under the laws of this state, or a violation of any other state law or an FCPS rule or regulation.


If an application is warranted, safety data sheet information is provided to the school. Students will not be denied access to any FCPS-sponsored course or activity or their instructional program due to their financial situation.

fcps homework survey

If the complaint involves the Superintendent, the complaint should be filed with the president of the Board of Education. Parents must give permission for students to participate; forms will be sent to parents prior to each trip. Individuals can obtain a notification form at each middle or high school hokework.

The oral report must be made as soon as reasonably possible.

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Religious Expression Fpcs expression in a public school environment is governed by the U. When students transfer within Frederick County or to another Maryland county, FCPS sends the original student records and retains a copy. Students who violate this policy will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including expulsion.

What are the minimum qualifying scores? Find out more about the FCPS policy on students bringing devices to school. Further information is available at school offices. If the student is absent sudvey that entire block of time, the student will be counted absent for a full day.