Transverses slope of 2. The 3rd Narmada bridgeis taken as a case-study in this paper to describe components and functioning of an extradosed structure. The superstructure consists of This stressing is carried out to squeeze the glue and get adequate rigid bonding between two segments. The bridge substructure is Y-shaped cast-in-situ concrete pylons supported on pile foundations. The box girder is transversely post-tensioned against live load effects to eliminate cracking in the top slab and to provide increased durability.

It is equipped with two hoists for lifting the precast segments as well as for adjusting the cross-fall. I was there in as an german intern Civil Eng. After that,lifting beam is attached to that particular segment. Gantry cranes are provided in the arrangements. Dead anchor boxes are already embedded during pylon casting. Providing rigid joinery and additional bearing capacity to bridge span.

Extradosed bridges are perfect example for combination in structural configuration of, stay cable bridges for aesthetics and girder bridges for their durability, strength and ease of construction.

Evaluation of the Dynamic Characteristics of an Extradosed Bridge Using Microwave Interferometer

Inheavy traffic conjunction issues are being encountered on this NH-8 due to distress of existing Sardar Bridge on Narmada River at Bharuch. Application of the glue on the face of the erected segment as well as new segment is carried out by experienced construction workers.

And then grouted after suitable duration.

extradosed bridge thesis

After the erection of one segment on expansion side; next segment will be erected on continuous joint side. Stay cables are anchored at the edges of box girders to support them which are later deviated in short pylons. Butterfly-Shaped rail terminal to offer airport-like facilities at Byappanahalli. Several modal shapes of the whole bridge are precisely identified by linking the mode shapes of seven sequential measurements. However,construction still has to face constraints such as tidal conditions and weather will, but bridge progress till date substantiates the importance of sound efforts in planning, design, and management.


The superstructure consists of Temporary stressing is applied to segment to squeeze the excess glue out. Site is under construction, we regret any inconvenience caused. Exfradosed, the actual operating conditions of Pazhou Bridge is good and it has a good bearing capacity.

Anchor saddle boxes are provided at upper pylon which provides individual support for each strand and avoid lateral pressures due to grouping of strands. As its name suggests, the stressing which is going to remain permanently are classified thesid this stressing, which is a combination of partially stressing PT Bars and majorly PT Tendons. Transverses slope of 2.

Evaluation of the Dynamic Characteristics of an Extradosed Bridge Using Microwave Interferometer

In this paper, based on the Guangzhou Pazhou Bridge ,the acceleration and dynamic deflection brdge tested synchronously under normal operating conditions.

Post-tensioning tendons are major stressing component in the bridge. In this mode loaded Puller tractor is just aligned to the orientation of beidge segment.

The erection procedure includes 4-cyclic activities, which are listed below. In order to study the dynamic characteristics of a super-long-span cable-stayed bridge which is semi-floating system, the spatial finite element model of this cable-stayed bridge was established in ANSYS based on the finite element theory. Hello, thank you, nice text.


extradosed bridge thesis

Vertical pile capacity is duly modified for scour condition by considering overburden pressure from scour level. Stay-cables and post tensioning systems are provided to have structurally sound deking system.

Extradosed Bridge-Span Construction: Case Study of 3rd Narmada Bridge, Bharuch

Power spectral density analysis of the measured signal was done with frequency domain analysis methods. In the super-structure of the main bridge, three-cell of precast segmental box girder with depth of 4. Stay segment takes five days due to complex reinforcement and exyradosed guide-pipe arrangement in blisters.

Cumulatively it results in three days of typical segment casting cycle. Figure 4 shows segment views and Figure 5 shows casting yard. The span consists of 8 nos. Transverse post-tensioning provides further reduction in the slab thickness compared to reinforced concrete slabs and facilitates reduction in segment weights for handling.

Extradosed Bridge-Span Construction: Case Study of 3rd Narmada Bridge, Bharuch

On Narmada River, Nr. Stay cable work consists of main sub-activities involving material procurement work, cable installation work, and stage-wise stressing activity. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Segment stacking yard is planned adjacent to segment production area.