The role of the teacher is also important in creating a conducive atmosphere for the learners. The success of anti-poverty strategy is reflected in decline in combined poverty ratio from Therefore what they learn here must sustain them throughout their lives. The progress of expansion of primary education gets slow because of the indifference and incapability of these institutions. I want a free account. Elementary education has become a justifiable Fundamental Right. Not sure about the answer?

The total enrolment at the primary and upper primary levels has witnessed a steady increase. Universal retention is a pre-condition for universal achievement of targets. Therefore whether the teaching-learning process has developed the innate capabilities of the child, should be our first priority. In fact, it is the responsibility of the nation to educate its citizens. Teachers should be provided with proper residence in the villages of their work. However, the legal duties on the part of the State are not clearly stated in the Constitution for the domestic status on education. It is seen that many school children even after spending five years in school do not possess essential competencies.

EducationPrimary education.

Money was too much in shortage for implementation of so expensive a scheme of conversion of a large number of Elementary Schools. The programme is implemented in partnership with the States.

essay on universalisation of elementary education

Thus we see that the need to lay down Minimum Level of Learning M. However the large-scale expansion has resulted in universalisaion creation of education facilities with widely varying quality in terms of institutional infrastructure, teaching-learning processes as well as the quality of students passing out of these institutions. Only after abolition of illiteracy, quality of education as a matter of importance should come. There are teachers and non-formal education NFE instructors staying eeucation remote rural areas and working in isolation without proper guidance or interaction.


Importance of Universalisation of Elementary Education (UEE) in India

Norms have been evolved for the development of such motor skills as jumping, hopping, skipping, ball throwing, ball catching, speed of reaction, threading beads etc. The Government is responsible to solve the political problems; the Government is also duty-bound for smooth progress exucation public education. Universallisation Constitution of India, mentions 14 languages, which can be made medium of education.

However, the legal duties on the part of the State are not clearly stated in the Constitution for the domestic status on education.

essay on universalisation of elementary education

There is a vast disparity amongst the states and union territories in terms of enrolment. But when it comes to quality of a school or educational system what we should focus upon is the output, i.

This section dealt with the following: At the time of Independence, Educarion inherited a system of education which was not only quantitatively small but also characterised by structural imbalances.

In all, nearly 79 per cent of children of age group are attending schools. Direct movement of the body and its parts is called motor abilities or skills.

Universalisation of Elementary Education in India

Establishing linkages between programmes of early childhood care and education, primary education, literacy and UEE. On no account, this indifference of Government towards universal primary education could be justified. But so far the Government of India has not been able to devote their full attention towards education.

Article places an obligation on the State to endeavour to provide for free and compulsory education to all Children up to the age of educcation years. Better buildings, more equipment and qualified teachers are necessary for the improvement of schools.


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Universal Education Essay

Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? Emotional eesay, like other aspects of development is gradual. Elemenyary, co-operation and such other personal and social qualities that form character and personality. The need for a literate population and universal education for all children in the age group of was recognised as a crucial input for nation building and was given due consideration in the Constitution as well as in successive Five Year Plans.

In case of girls, highest enrolment ratio is What are the salient features of Competencies?

Top 5 Problems in Universalization of Primary Education

Similarly, the economically better off states are also the ones with relatively better performance in HDI. Despite the increase elementqry the universalisztion of teachers over the decades, the Pupil Teacher Ratio PTR at the primary and upper primary levels has remained more or less constant around The educated young men and women should volunteer themselves to remove these evils of society in their neighbourhood.

Such a system is counter-productive as it completely ignores the nature and the needs of pupils. It is seen that the economically less developed states are also the states with low human development ekementary.

These are very very difficult areas with lack of communication and of Education and School Organization absence of transport. The provisions contained in the Constitution of India, insists on providing elementary education to all children.