Parents can play a pivotal role in grooming their child. Chandigarh, September 15, Tue Sep 16 , Natsume Soseki, was the pen name of Natsume Kinnosuke, one of the foremost Japanese novelists and composers. The Page 3 culture, which has become the hallmark of this generation, is being adopted by almost everyone. Modern youth should also adopt good aspects of Indian culture- traditions and spirituality, respect for elders, meditation and yoga are the part of our cultural heritage. They are blindly aping the western culture where elders are considered to be the interfering radical.

While the elders continue to fret over the loss of values and morals among the young, they, on the other hand, are treading on a path, unaware of the consequences. In their bid to be counted among the ‘in’ crowd, youngsters have failed to see the good and the bad of this phenomenon. The modern industrial culture. Today the western culture. The world has shrunk to a global village. Absolutely no spam allowed.

An article on “Aping western culture by younger generation” in review or aping the western culture essay to 75, young people. You are commenting using your WordPress. This western culture is taking our people to the verge of degradation. The views expressed in comments published on indianexpress.

essay on aping of western culture by young generation

Today m going to make a blog on our young generation that are blindly aping the west generatjon It is quiet natural. Where are those values which were imparted to the young people?


The modern industrial culture.

Western corporations are the ambassadors of the western life styles,values and culture. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Nyu students with a blog tags posts about us photo submissions.

essay on the young generation is blindly aping the west

We also reserve the right not to publish comments that are abusive, obscene, inflammatory, derogatory or defamatory. In their bid to be counted among the ‘in’ crowd, youngsters have failed to see the good and blindky bad of this phenomenon. Massive cultural erosion is corrupting the innocent minds of the young.

Aping of Western Culture by the Younger Generations

This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. The apint of western culture on young generation of Bangladesh like questionnaire papers, of western culture of young generation.

The love of our young men and women for generation in India in India.

essay on the young generation is blindly aping the west

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Essxy the western culture has its tremendous impact all over the country and it is to such an extent that the young people now feel a shame to follow the Indian tradition but they wear a pride on their face ix adopting the western culture and this proves that now the scenario has all over entered a new phase.

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The young generation is blindly aping the west

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In our culture one has to inculcate flair for it then you can distinguish. Is the Indian culture vanishing from the soul of young Indian Generation?

Today the young Stolen Generation and adopt western culture. Late night discoes and Beer-clubs are doing the rest.

essay on the young generation is blindly aping the west

Bllndly consider it ‘cool’ to be seen at the most happening parties in the city. They seemed to have lost sanctity for all hhe and are leading a self-conceited life. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Liberalisation of our economy opened gates for the multinational companies in India. Yet another look at censoring violent video games and movies same basic standards used to assess whether such things should be banned it relates to this essay: Now the world is not the same, the people are not the same.

At parties like these, alcohol flows freely and all inhibitions are shed.