For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Aug 20, Salute to the brave soldier. Rashid was posthumously awarded Pakistan’s top military honour — the Nishan-i-Haider — announced by then president General Yahya Khan. Later, the family shifted to Rawalpindi. His father, Majeed Minhas, a civil engineer and an alumnus of the NED University in Karachi, was in a construction management business who later moved to Lahore , Punjab , for the construction project. Bangladesh awarded their highest military award to Mataur Rahman for defection from Pakistan!

The political leaders of this country have disappointed the nation. You are commenting using your Google account. Rashid Minhas you live forever in our thoughts and my prayers go out for you. After his death, Minhas was honoured as a national hero. We have come a long way and its the wrong way: Every young man and woman of Pakistan must have the same spirit to fight for the honor of the country.

InRashid graduated from the academy as a general duty pilot and was posted to PAF base Masroor in Karachi’s Mauripur area to hone his skills as a fighter pilot.

Minhas, many people if they care are ashamed and will not be able to see in your eyes when will meet, I think, it was not worth it. Rashid, who was born on February 17remains the youngest officer to receive the Nishan-e-Haider award and was the first recipient of the highest honour of gallantry for the Pakistan Air Force PAF. His personal library included books on electronics and astronomy, besides other subjects.


Rashid Minhas Shaheed remembered- Samaa Digital

You will always be minhax for your courage and patriotism. This site uses cookies. If only you knew your head earned freedom will be sold times to the corrupt of your land. Rashid you are the hero of our nation i wish if our young generation can have the courage which you have showed i proud of you and great wishes for your parrents.

essay on our national hero rashid minhas

As a kid we learned about your sacrifice during our Pakistan studies courses but its only now that I realize the importance of what you did for us and what a brave act it was on your behalf. He is remembered for his death in in a jet trainer crash while struggling to regain the controls from a defecting pilot: Moon Glade PDF 1st ed. Thread starter Ghost Rider Start date Aug 20, Tags nishan e minhaa pakistan air force pilot officer ptv drama rashid minhas shaheed.

So finally someone remembered! Captain Karnal Sher Khan Sgt. They are born to live for ever, even after aborting this word.

In a Bengali ” traitor” instructor drives his car right along side the runway, cuts him off [hilar]. Citizen X Yesterday at 7: My childhood ideal and to this day his name brings the same feelings. Pakistan is standing due to bravery of such officers. Pakistan should be proud to have citizens like him. The jet took off and turned oir India.

essay on our national hero rashid minhas

Now Rashidabad is a small town of over inhabitants with its own schools college hospitals, mosque parks and a lake. Chaudhry felt that the jet was too close to the ground at that time, too far out of control for Minhas to be able to prevent the crash. Sikhaye Kiss ne Ismail ko Adaab e Farzandi. Raiwind-Destroyer Yesterday at 8: God bless Rashid minhas Shaheed and all those who have sacrificed their natioonal for sovereignty and glory of our nation.


May All bless you all and grant you all the highest place in heaven.

Remembering The National Hero- Rashid Minhas

He was posted to PAF base Masroor to hone his craft as a fighter pilot. Similarly, Rahman was honored by Bangladesh with their highest military award, the Bir Sreshtho. Rashid Minhas you live minuas in our thoughts and my prayers go out for you. Dil aaj bhi passej jata jab bhi rashid shaheed ka naam aata hai!

Rashid Minhas

Salute to our brave hero, May you get the highest rank in jannat, aameen. Apparently there are lot of black spots in the whole story.

We salute you brave officer. Flight Lieutenant Matiur Rahman. If this brings a bad taste to Indians so be it.