In the British Government, the situation was better for them. Govindrao married Chimnabai and had two sons, of whom Jyotirao was the younger. He initiated widow-remarriage and started a home for upper caste widows in , as well as a home for new-born infants to prevent female infanticide. Dalits in Modern India. He, after educating his wife, opened first a school for girls in India in August They also helped to start the school in their premises. Eleanor Zelliot blames the closure on private European donations drying up due to the Mutiny of , withdrawal of government support, and Jyotirao resigning from the school management committee because of disagreement regarding the curriculum.

The turning point in his life was in , when he attended the wedding of a Brahmin friend. His akhandas were based on the abhangs of Indian aboriginal saint Tukaram [3] a Moray Shudra. A Tale of Two Revolts. Satya Shodhak Samaj propounded the spread of rational thinking and rejected the need for a Brahman priestly class as educational and religious leaders. Soundings in Modern South Asian History. Retrieved 24 April — via Google Books. He had 40 years of social service Followers Krantisurya Phule has many followers.

The turning point in his life was inwhen he attended the wedding of a Brahmin friend. Proceedings of the Indian Essag Congress. Eleanor Zelliot blames the closure on private European donations drying up due to the Mutiny ofwithdrawal of government support, and Jyotirao resigning from the school management committee because of disagreement regarding the curriculum.

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Phule saw Ramathe hero of the Indian epic Ramayanaas a symbol of oppression stemming from the Aryan conquest. The boys were taken under the wing of a florist, who taught them his trade.

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What is your topic? This page was last edited on 11 Mayat The Satya Shodhak Samaj movement was totally a social movement and nothing to do with the politics, but inn members of Satya Shodhak Samaj dissolved Satya Shodhak Samaj. Inaged 23, Phule visited the first girls’ school in Ahmadnagarrun by Christian missionaries.


This was his strategy for ending exploitation of human beings. As the function began, Rao Bahadur Vithalrao Krishnaji Vandekar explained in detail about teulgu work and sacrifice of Jotirao Phule and his struggle for the rights of the downtrodden bahujans. Sayajirao Maharaj of Baroda, who also was invited for this function, could not attend the function.

Social activism He was assisted in his work by his wife, Savitribai Phule, and together they started the second school ni girls in India infor which he was forced to leave his home.

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He was an aboriginal of India and established Satyadharma and never renounced his faith. He is most known for his efforts to educate women and the lower castes as well as the masses. People from all religions and castes could become a part of this association which worked for the uplift of the oppressed classes. All established religious and priestly classes find this blind faith useful for their purposes and they try their best to defend it.

As was customary, he was married young, at the age of 13, to a girl of his own community, chosen by his father.

essay on jyotiba phule in telugu

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Therefore, Phule wanted to abolish this blind faith in the first instance.

Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. There are many followers of the work done by him, one among those is Hon. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. To him blind faith eradication formed part of a broad socioeconomic transformation.


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Jotiba did not like the casteist of Tamil Nadu using Lord Rama as a symbol of oppression of Aryan conquest. Phule was the only sociologist and humanist in his time that could put forth such bold ideas. Minister Of Maharashtra Chhagan Bhujbal founder of Teelugu Phule Samata Parishad, an organisation works for social upliftment of dalits and OBCs and Telugu actor Chiranjeevi, who started a political party and stated that he is very much inspired by the work done by Phule especially creating social harmony.

essay on jyotiba phule in telugu

He opposed idolatry and denounced the chaturvarnya system the caste system. He characterised this faith as outwardly religious but in essence politically motivated movements. The school is still operational in All religions and their religious texts are man-made and they represent the selfish interest of the classes, which are trying to pursue and protect their selfish ends by constructing such books.

His grandfather Shetiba Gorhay settled down in Poona. Peasants and Imperial Rule: At an education commission hearing inPhule called for help in providing education for lower castes. He prospered there but his only son, Shetiba, who was of poor intelligence, phuls squandered what had been gained.