Moreover, the more there are students, the more a school needs internet bandwidth. We offer result oriented,ready to deploy software products with provision for customization. Emphasizing more on e-learning, we not only get dynamic information but also are stepping towards green learning. The entire school community is now connected as one large network. Smart classes are very useful to students as it is the very advanced form of modern teaching technology, it makes the listener very interesting to the class and attract the mind of the listeners to the subject. Given such a situation, teachers are forced to return to the conventional blackboard mode of education. Our 3D content immerses students into a new world of multi sensory learning, and the assessment system, Educomp Insight, allows schools and parents to track where students are, in their cognitive development.

Vamma Smart Class Setup. Phenomenon like writing with pen or pencil, photocopying and printouts are rarely seen. If we want to know the way of our school,it will be more beneficial if we go there on our foot and know about the way than someone tells us about the way orally. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any content published here, feel free to contact us using the Contact link below. Yes up-to a great extent it is helpful. Is it really making an educational growth in the lives of the students?

We can even write on it to make the concept more clear. Tata Class Room Service. Educomp English Mentor is an English language lab which helps students to master the nuances of the language, both written and spoken. Through smartclassonlineschools can link students, teachers and parents into essaj seamless information exchange, messaging, CCEassessmentspeer to peer learning and more.


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Interactive Environment Favors Better Learning The use of digital tools of instruction bring in an interactive environment to learning.

Without it, human morals and ethos become hard to develop. We all know that if a topic is understood by a visual method, it becomes more beneficial to understand to students. This leads to strong reinforcement of information in students.

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No doubt, there are some disadvantages of smart classes. A smart class is conspicuous with a bunch of active students glued to various digital gadgets in their pursuit of holistic education. Smart classrooms are very much beneficial in teaching-learning process in a school. The English Mentor language lab can be used with your existing computer labs and can be accessed by all students.

Filtered browsing is an option but smarr is xlass if the gadget is personally owned by the child.

Smart Class Services

As all the tools of smart classes are electronic, they are easy and neat to use. Our subject experts have carefully selected the most relevant modules on the topic. It is a thing of the past when teaching and learning were restricted to classroom sessions prominent with white chalk, dusters, and blackboards.

But if students study that topic by visual method, then they will see that object in 3d form and can see from any direction. There are concerns among various schools about the pace of changing technology. It is in a smart class where better transparency is established between the faculty and students. Educomp smartclass is the benchmark for digital classrooms. There are different types of students in a class room and their learning abilities are vary from one another.


Is it really making an educational growth in the lives of the students? Making learning- immersive exciting and fascinating. Smart classes provide all these facilities for the students to learn easily using modern technology. They get illustrations via photos, maps, graphs, regular and animated videos. It is not possible every time to upgrade according to the needs of the hour. So, encrypted data is essential as it can be repeated till it gets into the mind.

With an objective to inspire a brighter future through students who learn and not just study. But this should not be applied to all the topics in every subject, because imagination and visualization and application capability essaj student regarding the subject may be reduced.

essay on educomp smart class

All these processes become a bit hard to manage and expensive. So these classes re good innovation for study. If you think we remember lot of of things in life which we have experienced or seen rather than just reading.

Finger Touch Interactive White Boards. These smart boards are like a computer screen which are finely handled by a teacher and also by students to provide active participation.

Since all these are delicate tools, it takes time and money to get them back to work.