However, he is not indifferent as he makes a decision at the end to roll the deer into the river. Then, we see the speaker stop his car and get out of it. His first major collection of poems, Traveling Through the Dark, was published when Stafford was forty-eight. The last two lines are trying to tell us that human actions are not always consistent. In this poem the speaker is in an ironical situation as he is made to think deeply to do something to save the unborn deer for which he is not responsible.

So he pushed the doe into the canyon clearying the road for other travellers and doing the justice for the fawn. William Stafford was born in Hutchinson, Kansas, on January 17, Would you mind helping me with the washing-up? Why does he hesitate before pushing the dead animal off the road? Stanza 4 describes the car, its dim lights, the purring of the engine and the smoke coming out of its exhaust pipe. Sections of this page. HSEB writing Click here a hseb making a comparison between you and your essay.

When I touched the deer, I realised she was pregnant. How do the last two lines complete both types of action? Address at the consecration dfiving the Discovery and colonization of America and im- Importance of practical education and useful Orations and speeches on various occasions.

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essay on driving in the dark hseb

When the poet touched the dead deer what did he realize? The dominant tone of the poem is ironic but there are expressions that arouse a deep sense of sympathy for the dead doe and her doomed, alive but never to be born fawn.

In the esway stanza, the poet describes the activities of his car. In the line “I thought hard for all of us”, what does the poet think about?

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How does the poet feel about finding the deer? Sorrowfully, he can do nothing.

In the third stanza, the physical action ceases and mental actions begins. The first line of the last stanza shows mental activity and the speaker thinks about the living creatures and nature. During the Second World War, Stafford was a conscientious objector and worked in the civilian public service camps—an experience he recorded in the prose memoir Down My Heart These two actions come together in the last two lines.


Then hseb feel free to contact us at: He thought hard and weighed the two conflicting realities on the scale of rational decision making. So, he pushes the deer into the river.

essay on driving in the dark hseb

The dead doe was disturbing travelers and posed the risk of accidents. Different showing and tests One of these showings is extremist sound.

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Heres some more information about definition descriptive essay writing special cases introduce yourself to your future ross classmates in But on the other hand, if he leaves the dead doe lying on the road, it may bring a fetal accident to his fellow travellers. He notices that it is pregnant and the unborn baby is still alive.

essay on driving in the dark hseb

At what point does the physical action cease, to be replaced by another kind? The doe is dead, but the fawn is still there. Their activities are destroying the harmonious relationship between nature and men. We think he will try to rescue the unborn baby but he doesn’t or can’t. The poet does not appear sentimental to essah deer. All these activities are physical.