These include Maseratti and Ferrari who helps it in improving its efficiency a well as in the promotion of good policies. The next step is organizing the solution based on the requirement of the case. The innovativeness of suppliers provides Ducati with a superb knowledge pool. The polarization of sales exists around the Naked families and Hype-Sport. The company also lacks presence in most of the major emerging markets. The platform-based approach of production results in an elevation in the level of accountability of the major component suppliers.

Diversifying too far from what Ducati is known for also puts the reputation and prestige of the company and its engineers who have become respected and well-known in the industry for making high quality performance bikes. Sport-Touring This category of Ducati offered comfortable riding position as compared to other Ducati models. He then proceeded a to put his efforts on brand building exercise with the aim of increasing both the production and customer base. This will help us gauge customers response; provide early feedback from Ducati loyalists, as well as opportunity to attract customers using word-of-mouth advertising. Case Analysis Augustine Medical Augustine Medical is a Minnesota-based company specialized in producing medical appliances. A new management team was put in place globally and comprised of management professionals.

Accessed May 23, He then proceeded a to put his efforts on brand building exercise with the aim of increasing both the production and tsudy base.

ducati case study swot analysis

Click here and use discount code Save For example you can recommend a low cost strategy but the company core competency is design differentiation. Sutdy technical excellence and performance that Ducati is so well-known for around the world could well be seen to become diluted by moving into a cruiser bike segment which historically has been associated with a different demographic segment altogether.


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He was also to help in the establishment of Ducati as an important brand in the contention of the sports market segment. In Pursuit of Magic A Case Study Solution Once you have developed multipronged approach and work out various suggestions based on the strategic tools. The era was of profitability. Low economies of scale In comparison to its competitors, the company produces relatively low volumes and therefore they don’t enjoy the high economies of scale.

Most manufacturers have multiple choices of component suppliers that they may switch at will. These technological changes and fucati improvements are positive for Ducati who is abreast on dudati technological innovation and performance.

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Once you finished the case analysis, time line of the events and other critical details. The Merger and Acquisition and its benefits Sowt and Acquisition at Ducati Ducati was acquired in by Caviga group which is an Italian conglomerate that manufactures products. Ducati advertises through specialized magazines and focus on the Italian style, history, young riders, and a sporty attitude. The era was of profitability.

This can be treated as an opportunity worth being exploited by the stronger brands like Ducati. It was founded by a former surgeon who had the ambition of… Pages: Rivalry between the eight major motorcycle manufacturers can be considered high.

In Pursuit of Magic A case study solution. Exxon Valdez Case Analysis: If you contact us after hours, we’ll get etudy to you in 24 hours or less. On his introduction as a new manager, Frederico Minoli recognized the fact that everything should be continuously re-discussed Gavetti, Retrieved May 23,from https: The benefits of the Acquisition The company’s working capital rose and therefore the production levels too rose.


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The outcome of this is that the company gains more flexibility. The Exxon Valdez a massive oil tanker went aground in Alaska, spilling…. Exxon Valdez Case Analysis: Email Us Listen to our radio ad! For example, their products possess Desmodronic distribution system, tubular trestle frame, unique sound, L-twin engine and are Italian as pointed out by Gavetti Step 3 – Ducati: JetBlue – Case Analysis The expansionist goal of JetBlue is a rather ambitious one, and however the industry has shown that achieving a fleet of airplanes would require far….

ducati case study swot analysis

Ducati Products Ducati took advantage of the fact that the motor cycle market segment could further be segregated into four main sub-segments. The main competitors in this arena to Ducati are Suzuki, Honda and Yamaha.

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These are; hyper-sport that comprises of extreme performance motorcycles that are derived closely from the racing industry. However, inthe company launched a very new model that is characterized by a dcuati that is rather futuristic coupled with good handling.

Four Different Ordering Options: The Exxon Valdez a massive oil tanker went aground in Alaska, spilling….