Contact My Account Login. This information is available in German only. This includes results on the periodical unsteady flow field within the axial gaps between the blade rows as well as the flow field within the rotor blade passages. The aim of this work is to develop new strategies for alignment by self assembly of such one-dimensional nanomaterials like carbon nanotubes using combination of different conventional techniques. Center of Scientific Landscape in Dresden Learn more. The systematic studies allow for a detailed understanding of the growth mechanisms of catalyst and catalyst-free grown SWCNTs to be elucidated.

Furthermore the boundary layer state substantially influences the heat transfer between the blade surface and the fluid, which is an important aspect for turbine blades. Localization of nanoparticles at liquid-liquid interfaces by manipulating the particle surface energy is an upcoming area with great potential for research and opens a window to fabricate self assembled interfacial structured hybrid materials with unique properties. The results suggests a major role played by this variable in terms of the time length in which the intra-molecular charge transfer can be observed. Thus, the catalyst-free synthesis of aligned SWNT is very desirable. Also of fundamental importance is to revisit well-established synthesis techniques employing a new set of materials as precursors, substrates and catalysts. The calendar of events for TU Dresden is placed at https:

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This information is provided by FIS. Skip to main navigation. Hence, five different molecular complexes which offer a potential playground to realistic implement the m-QCA paradigm have been investigated.

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Appropriate functionality of m-QCAs involves a complex relationship between quantum mechanical effects, such as electron transfer processes within the molecular building blocks, and electrostatic interactions between cells.

Information and notifications from the Doctoral Examinations Office. This requires a detailed physical understanding of the unsteady flow field and the resulting effects on the performance and flow stability.

The TU Dresden has passed a Resolution on Open Access-Publishing that explicitely calls researchers to make their scientific work accessible to the public by publishing on the institutional repository Qucosa. In the second part, maschinenweeen theoretical maxchinenwesen of the self-assembly properties and electronic structure of Ferrocene-functionalized complexes have been carried out.


The results of the model have been validated by a direct comparison with first-principle calculations allowing to conclude the plausibility to induce the intra-molecular charge transfer process in a controllable manner via the interaction with the external electric field. The model has been further extended to consider time-dependent external electric fields in which a special emphasis is given to the profiles in which this external parameter can interact with the associated molecular complex.

The low temperature of the production process, allowing the formation of aligned nanotubes on pretty much any substrate, is the main advantage of the post synthesis routes, while the poor levels of reproducibility and spatial control, and the limited quality of the aligned tubes due to the inherently required process steps are limitations.

The degree of alignment is verified using polarized micro Raman spectroscopy and direction dependent electrical conductivity measurements. This information is provided by FIS. Further aspects are the influence of wakes and potential effects on the unsteady profile pressures and the excited blade pressure forces.

dissertation tu dresden maschinenwesen

The ceremonial conferring of the doctoral and post-doctoral degrees takes place every year on the “Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Day”. The process is enhanced by a high temperature and the presence of pre-existing superficial defects cracks, terraces, etc. Their high charge mobility, exceedingly good current-carrying capacities and ability to be either semiconducting or metallic render them ideal building blocks for nanoelectronics. Dissertatiion to secondary navigation.

The Graduate School of TU Dresden The Graduate School is the central hub of contact maschinenwese all doctoral students and post-doctoral students for all questions concerning the doctoral and postdoctoral phase dssertation their studies at TU Dresden.

The main source of unsteadiness in the stable operating range of turbomachinery is the aerodynamical interaction of the rotor and stator blade rows. The award is one of the most highly revered prizes for final theses at the TU Dresden.

It is shown, for the first time, how one can grow horizontally aligned carbon nanotubes in crossbar configurations in a single step and with bespoke crossing angles. Contact My Account Login. These CVD techniques suffer some drawbacks, namely, that because they are synthesized using catalyst particles metals or non-metals the catalyst material can contaminate the tubes and affect their intrinsic properties. There are different ways to publish a doctoral thesis.


Although this fact has received increasing attention within recent years, blade row interactions effects are not yet typically addressed in current design systems of turbomachinery Van Zante et al.

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Furthermore in transonic compressors the interaction of wakes and shocks plays an important role. As a result, the real flow field is highly periodically unsteady and very complex, especially in multistage turbomachinery. Furthermore blade row interactions are an important source of noise in turbomachines. Localization of nanoparticles at liquid-liquid interfaces by manipulating the particle surface energy is an upcoming area with great potential for research and opens a window to fabricate self assembled interfacial structured hybrid materials with unique properties.

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Fundamental breakthroughs in the field of nanotechnology can be achieved by developing new synthesis procedures as well as by adapting known masvhinenwesen to new materials.

In this direction, a strategy for alignment of carbon nanotubes at liquid-liquid interfaces using dielectrophoresis is also investigated. The path to the scientist title is experience- and network-oriented! Subsequently, the unsteady behaviour of the blade boundary layer will be considered.

dissertation tu dresden maschinenwesen

maschinennwesen Graduate Academy Visitors address: Every year, nearly young scientists enter doctoral and post-doctoral programmes at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, with more than 20 percent being women – an increasing trend. Thus, the catalyst-free synthesis of aligned SWNT is very desirable.