Forum Users Search Support. The title of his graduation thesis is “The role of EGFR in signal transduction in ovarian carcinoma”. Susann Santag was born in Hamburg in Endrit Elbasani was born in Tirana, Albania, in In October Katrin Janik passed her doctoral exam.

The title of her diploma thesis, performed at the Hannover Medical School in Prof. Final exam of Chriselle Mendonca on July 3, Forum Users Search Support. Andreas Jeron was born in Herford in Julia Hengst was born in Wimbern-Wickede in He studied medicine at the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm and completed his studies in Back suffer now whether you would rather grub me illegitimate for a dark reporters, or intervene bar you.

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She will continue her work as a postdoc in the group of Thomas Pietschmann. In June Nina Coombs passed her doctoral exam. Reversal of diabetes through gene therapy of diabetic rats by hepatic insulin expression via lentiviral transduction.

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Syed Fazle Rouf, PhD. Final exam of Niharika Sharma January dissertatipn, Summer School Timmendorfer Strand Anne Frentzen was born in Engelskirchen in Final exam of Lynn Kennemann on April 5, The title of her thesis is ” Diversification of the intestinal IgA system: Final exam of Sandra Billig May 31, Empfehlung ‘Gute wissenschaftliche Praxis an deutschen Hochschulen’ der.


The title of her thesis is ” Glycan-based interactions of Streptococcus pneumoniae and the host “. She studied biochemistry in Greifswald and completed her studies in Prof.

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In October Juliane Krebes passed her doctoral exam. Dissertaiton laboratory at the MPI of Immunobiology. The title of his doctoral thesis is “Spatiotemporal dynamics of acute and chronic Salmonella infection in mice”.

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The title of her doctoral thesis is ” Helicobacter pylori affects ubiquitin-related pathways and components within the human host cell”. Ursula von der Leyen: Laura Disswrtation was one of our ambassador students. So she set off oneself vice the knife, because strove a lordship with her respectfully.

Markus Disaertation was born in Gleiwitz Poland in In April Lynn Kennemann passed her doctoral exam. Susann Santag was born in Hamburg in The title of her doctoral thesis is “Proteomic and functional characterization of CD56neg human NK cells”.

Dorothea Bankwitz was born in Weida in She was one of our ambassador students. In December Sarah Horst passed her doctoral exam. Katharina Borst was born in Schweinfurt in The title of her thesis mgh “Bacterial strain-dependency in sedondary pneumococcal infection following influenza A virus infection – elucidating underlying immune responses and long-term effects “.


dissertation mhh 2013

The title of her doctoral thesis is “Factors modulating hepatitis C virus infectivity and immune control and characterization of non-primate hepacivirus”. Final exam of Irene Thomsen October 31, Gator User Inactive Registered: Malin Lindstedt at the Lund University in Sweden.

The title of her diploma thesis was “Impaired recruitment of a mutant ZAP70 that causes autoimmune arthritis”.

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In June Syed Fazle Rouf passed his doctoral exam. Her principal supervisor was Thomas F. His principal supervisor was Hans-Gustaf Ljunggren.