Decolonization in Azerbaijan and the Struggle to Democratize, in: Empires in World History: When quoting this article please add the date of your last retrieval in brackets after the url. The German economist Moritz Julius Bonn — is credited with establishing the term as an academic concept. The British Empire and the Great War, —, in:

Ein Weltkrieg im Journal of Contemporary History 4, 1 , p. Such a statement coming from an organization comprised and backed by countless nations surely stands its ground. A New Deal for the World: Attempts to break out of this bloc prompted the imperial centre to intervene militarily, as it did in in the GDR , in in Hungary and in in Czechoslovakia. The reforms initiated by Great Britain in the 19th century, which were intended to consolidate colonial rule, ultimately resulted in the 20th century in independent democratic states developing out of the empire.

Decolonization and Revolution

Specifically, the methodological change of perspective brought about by Postcolonial Studies has demonstrated that it was a reciprocal, multidimensional process which left lasting traces in the periphery as well as in the metropole. The Decolonization of Portuguese Africa: The Cold War and Southern Africa —, in: Imperial Policy in the Aftermath of War, —, London et al. Baines, Gary et al.

They gradually transferred political responsibility to autochthonous elites. After intensive debates at various imperial conferences, the Inter-Imperial Relations Committee was established in to examine these issues.

Historisches Lexikon zur politisch-sozialen Decoloniation in Deutschland, Stuttgartvol.

Otto Brunner et al. Consequently, in the interwar period “the colonial world [reached] the apogee of its historical expansion”, 55 which included the occupation of one the last remaining independent African state Abyssinia by Fascist Italy in However, diplomatic pressure from the super powers of USA and the Soviet Union forced them to retreat soon after.


In the context of this power vacuum, provisional committees Juntas assumed the power to govern in the various American colonies.

Decolonization and Revolution — EGO

In the midst of this chaos, instead of addressing the questions and wants of the people, Hosni Mubarak demanded they offer themselves to supply the needs of their country and support their leader. Die Domestizierung einer Illusion, MunichMunich Even after his death, he was a guiding light for those who coveted an India without the British. Making a World After Empire: Mark Mazower et al.

dbq 23 decolonization and revolution essay

Neuere Kolonialgeschichte und Postcolonial Studies, Version: Xecolonization Creation of a Republican Empire, — The Empire Strikes Back? The Netherlands failed in its attempt to reclaim Dutch India by violence, and on December 27 the Dutch began their withdrawal from the Indonesian archipelago, due in part to pressure from the United Nations and the USA, which threatened to cancel its assistance to the Netherlands under the Marshall Plan. Begegnungen und Erinnerungen, Duisburg Spanning from tocountless independence movements have changed societies across the globe, led by leaders and organizations who all yearned for better.

It began with Poland and then Hungary, which was the first state to cut through the Iron Curtain, followed by the peaceful revolution in the GDR and the highly symbolic fall of the Berlin Wall revoolution November 9 The disintegration of the British Empire which occurred during this period was accompanied by the incorporation of former “non-white” colonies such as IndiaPakistan and Ceylon into the Commonwealth.


Subsequently, US President Woodrow Wilson — [ ] also explicitly addressed the topic in his Fourteen Points declaration of January 8thereby igniting hopes in the colonies.

Decolonization and Revolution Essay

Ulrich Albrecht et al. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. In his entry on “Imperialism” for the Encyclopaedia of the Social Sciences published inhe explicitly refers to decolonization: For example, EgyptEthiopia and Liberia were the only formally independent states on the African continent — if one excludes white-dominated South Africa — in As sovereign states, the former settler colonies adopted to a devolonization degree the political, social and cultural systems of their colonial “motherland”, thereby ultimately establishing “Neo-Europes” on three different continents.

dbq 23 decolonization and revolution essay

At his defense trial, Cuban decolohization leader Fidel Castro appealed to those struggling in his country. In spite of all the controversial debates about the weighting of individual factors, 11 one interpretative model which attempts to combine the various theoretical approaches has emerged increasingly strongly. However, the phenomenon of the dissolution of European colonial rule can also be identified in the history of all the other continents and over a much longer time period.

The Rise and Fall of Global Empires: Stand, Probleme und Perspektiven der Perestrojka, Stuttgart et al.