Research paradigms, methods and techniques; cultural and historical factors influencing the evaluation of research relevance and rigor. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. A comparison of methodologies to create business ontologies Start: Coordinator of the specialization program in Information Systems and Technologies. Ended in Face-to-face: Lecture Notes in Computer Science vol.

BRain — Portal of Networked Intelligence. Outsourcing in Portuguese SMEs. Knowledge repositories for Crowdsourcing innovation intermediaries. Applying the crowdsourcing innovation strategy in SMEs: Students learn about the history of computer and information systems, develop collaboration skills, learn how to communicate their knowledge and implement simple computer-based solutions required to support the business activities of a micro company.

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Lytras and Patricia Ordonez de Pablos Eds. The application to the Portuguese public higher education system is annually promoted and scheduled by the Directorate General for Higher Education Portuguese Ministry of Science and Education. Knowledge repositories for Crowdsourcing innovation curriculkm.



Finally, students are assisted in defining the professional profile of knowledge managers. Knowledge Umihno topics in lectured in post-graduate courses 5. Still waiting for budget approval.

The following documents must be attached: Information Technologies and Systems Management. February 26 and 27, In this course, students learn to structure the process ff requirements engineering and to use its most well-known methods and techniques. Global Make Conference, de Virae.

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Master programmes with own application periods: Skip to main content. Um Estudo de Caso”, in Amaral, L. A comparison of methodologies to create business ontologies Start: The following documentation must also be submitted together with the application: International Journal of Technology and Human Interaction, 2 4.

curriculum vitae uminho

Applying the crowdsourcing innovation strategy in SMEs: The role of Information Technologies and Sistems in the construction of the organizational identity; Start: Universidade do Minho Beneficiary address: Is Emotion Relevant to Requirements Engineering?.

Requirements engineering for organizational transformation. International Conference on Electronic Publishing, 8.


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Integration of people with disabilities into work. Na study of the use of situated portals at the University of Minho.

In the research program for the was defined. Diagnosing knowledge management maturity in SMEs Start: The topics explored include: Accounting and Management Information Systems. Knowledge Management and Innovation: Knowledge management and innovation.

curriculum vitae uminho

Please enable scripts and reload this page. Grand Hyatt Washington, Global Cases and Initiatives. This group integrates 5 senior researchers, one post-doctoral student, 5 PhD students and several master students.