His research lines have been the economic thought and the politic praxis in Spain, Europe and America in the Modern Age, especially during the 18 th century. This course is designed as a theoretical-practical field of work that has as main objectives the learning and understanding of the archaeological excavation as well as the research methods used in Egypt. Applied Mathematical Modelling Vol. Participants are responsible for arranging their insurance in Spain, their own travel to Jaen and their own accommodation there during the activities celebrated at the University of Jaen. International Journal of Multiphase flows, Vol 32,

University of California, San Diego. Ability to carry out the most common cytogenetic techniques. I was the president at Rotaract Club of Shyamoli-Dhaka for sessions. Students must complete the 60 ECTS credits of the study programme distributed in the following manner: Analysis of the sub cellular distribution of long-chain non-coding RNAs in the proepicardium and design of gene silencing strategies at the Cell biology lab under the supervision of Professor Diego Franco Jaime, Department of Experimental Biology, University of Jaen, Spain. Franco 6 Compulsory Advanced techniques in cellular biology M.

Ujsen with molecular and cellular biology databases and being able to extract the relevant information to develop a research project. Four weeks, March-April Siles 3 Elective Molecular biology of infectious diseases F. Numerical Methods for Hyperbolic Equations: It is a mix of international students. Remember me on this computer.


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About bubbles and vortex rings. This promising result shows the model capabilities to account for both bed- and wash-load, although bed-load transport is more notorious in the next experiment which was also simulated with success: Students will learn about the history of Ancient Egypt, especially during the Old and Middle Kingdom BCdates on which the Qubbet el – Hawa site was used as a necropolis of the provincial elite. Use of optical level, Archaeological drawings, Technical drawing of materials, Archeobotany, Excavation reports, etc.

Description of the instability transition modes of a bubble rising in vihae liquids.

Since two decades ago, I am working on various perspectives of Urban History in Europe and America, from an interdisciplinary point of view. Technical skills relevant to the fields of proteomics, genomics, bioinformatics and systems biology. Ability to purify recombinant proteins and proteins sourced from native biological material.

curriculum vitae ujaen

Physical Review Fluids Vol. The third part of the programme Module IV. The academic programme is focused on the main structural and functional aspects of Molecular Biology as well as its application in Biotechnology and Biomedicine.

Master in Biotechnology and Biomedicine by the University of Jaén

The student will be able to recognize in a general way the materials of each historical moment and its technology, as well as ujadn functionality and context. Our main aim is at developing a new model for sediment transport in Alpine rivers that improve the predictive capabilities with respect to standard Saint-Venant-Exner equations. Interests Jose Carlos’s research is based on experiments and numerical simulation of multiphase flows, mainly bubbles.


Wake instability of a fixed axisymmetric bubble of realistic shape. Bubble formation in a planar water-air-water jet: My special topics were in fluid mechanics, hydraulic and fluvial morphodynamics.

Juan Peragón Sánchez

Professor of Fluid Mechanics. Paths and wakes of deformable nearly-spheroidal rising bubbles close to the transition to path instability. The training includes archaeological excavations in Qubbet el-Hawa, pottery, survey, lectures, visits, laboratory work, archaeological illustration, excavation and analysis of human remains, archeobotany, mapping, report preparation, etc. Click here to sign up.

Ability to conduct human karyotypes and to diagnose the most common chromosomal changes. The effect of liquid viscosity on bubble pinch-off.

Participants and admissions requirements Previous experience is helpful but not vurriculum. Laboratory organisation, quality checks, occupational risks and legislation. On the breakup of bubbles at high Reynolds numbers and subcritical Weber numbers.

Applied Mathematical Modelling Vol. Bubble formation from a submerged vertical needle connected to a gas chamber. My research concerned hydraulic models of glacial outburst floods. Working to make an audio library for the blind children.