Se nell’annuncio di lavoro sta scritto che alla candidatura vanno allegati i “consueti documenti”, in genere si intendono, oltre alla lettera di candidatura, un curriculum vitae completo e in alcuni casi con fotografia e le copie dei certificati di lavoro precedenti. As co-captain from to , I provided leadership both on and off the court, leading team workouts during the off-season and keeping teammates accountable to one another. The more well-rounded you seem, the more appealing you will be to a committee that is trying to assess how you will develop over the next four years. More success stories All success stories Hide success stories. Ad annunci in inglese si risponde in inglese. Decide whether you will write in full sentences or short phrases. Stick to 7 words or less per hobby or interest.

Whereas a college admissions officer is looking to get a sense of how you might develop over the course of your undergraduate career, a potential employer wants to know, as concisely as possible, whether you would fit into the workplace or not. La lettera di accompagnamento di una candidatura dovrebbe essere informativa e convincente, ma avere anche una nota personale e comprendere informazioni sull’esperienza professionale, la formazione, le conoscenze linguistiche e informatiche. As a member of the varsity team from to , I helped my team win the state championship in both and The explanation was broad and detailed. Although you might think that all resumes are alike, you should always gear your document toward the specific audience who will be reading it, taking into consideration what they want from you as an applicant.

Tips Be careful about listing hobbies and interests indicative of thrill-seeking and risk-taking behaviors, as these qualities may work onteressi you with certain employers.

There is no single correct method to use, but you want to make sure that you give yourself room to not simply list your activities, but expand on them in a concise manner.


Although in your essays, you want to demonstrate that you have a plan for your future and lofty goals, colleges know that in reality, student plans often change as they enter coursework and develop their interests in college. Break each activity into its own bullet point. Internship and Job Applications in 08 September Technical Communication in the Twenty-First Century.

What is the right format to prepare? You have a variety of interests that can be developed over your four years in college.

curriculum vitae hobby e interessi

Demonstrate a high level of interest in at least one of your activities. Sample College Graduate Hobbies and Interests. I colloqui di lavoro sono molto importanti e vale la pena prepararsi bene.

curriculum vitae hobby e interessi

Sample Clubs and Associations List. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. For example, “I play chess every chance I get, as it is my goal to travel the country as a full-time competitor,” could be geared for resume writing by rewording it as, “I enjoy the chess club because it stimulates my creative problem-solving skills and opens my mind to new ways of thinking outside the box. If your resume is not long enough and you need to develop length, you can write that same information curriculkm in full sentences: If possible, present an array of activities that demonstrate an engaged, curious mind: Set yourself apart from the pack.

Le informazioni richieste per candidarsi a un posto di lavoro in Svizzera possono variare a seconda della professione, della posizione o del settore, e talvolta sono diverse da quelle necessarie curiculum altri paesi.

Generally, hobbies that show leadership skills, personal initiative, dedication, or drive are good boosters for your resume. However, running marathons suggests that you possess a high level of dedication and that you can overcome obstacles.


Thanks for letting us know. Too long, employers spend about 20 seconds to screen a resume or CV! La lettera di accompagnamento di una candidatura dovrebbe essere informativa e convincente, ma avere anche una nota personale e comprendere informazioni sull’esperienza professionale, la formazione, le conoscenze linguistiche e informatiche. Keller, and Christian R.

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Unfortunately, this is not the case for many college applicants. Help answer questions Learn more. Did this article help you? If you were a team captain, elected official or an otherwise engaged member of a group, you need to highlight that as well as possible.

Follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languageswith letters and numbers, which is too complicated to read! Share your thoughts Cancel reply Curriculym.

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Recruiters will ask you for references directly. Internship and Job Applications in When preparing an internship or job application are you going to provide an American style Resume or a Europass Curriculum Vitae? You must put thought into the order in which that information is presented on the resume. Anche l’agenzia interinale Manpower propone sul suo sito esempi di lettere di candidatura e curriculum vitae. Per quel che riguarda la traduzione di documenti e diplomi, non esistono regole ufficiali.

Sample Hobbies and Interests Paragraph. If you find that your resume has too much length, use phrases rather than full sentences.