How could teamwork be improved? This intelligence permits us to filter all we know through the sieve of specificity in order to isolate information that conforms to the criteria we have been issued. The one with the beard has brown eyes. Hasty reactions unaccompanied by deliberate thought can have disastrous results at both personal and corporate levels. Intellectual capital that is not capitalized on represents the losses to which Dr. The pride they are beginning to feel in their accomplishment is matched by the enthusiasm they feel for the mission and for the opportunity to work together.

If possible, arrange Preparation: What questions have you asked that led directly to the solution of a problem? Suggest a benchmarking project to participants. They encourage the facilitator and the participant to apply the lessons learned to other situations and expand upon the basic concepts presented. If there is an extra person left after all the pairs have been formed, he or she can also serve as the judge. Creative thought is new thought.

What circumstances lead to diminished creative behavior? Would you agree with crjtical statement that leaders are change agents? They are probably experiencing some nervous tension. Begin with the population of the city, 2. That person will be asked to deliver the message as honestly but as kindly as possible.

The basic construct of the activities is depicted as well: Taking the first word, People, across the horizontal columns, you might have Productivity, Workshret, Filing, Authority, and Motivation.

Once they have done so, give a copy of the handout to the partners so they can use the age-determiner with their own colleagues. The perspective, again, will be determined by the sentence in the shoe, by what the person actually knows about the shoe-holder, or by what the person has assumed about the shoe-owner.


What phrases from some of our national leaders do you remember? What evidence do you have that we are dependent upon the sharing of knowledge, organization- ally, nationally, and globally, more than ever before? His team is not only performing, it is also serving refreshments to the assembled guests.

critical thinking diagram worksheet 31-1

Such statements, admittedly difficult to create, diaggam serve as inspirational forces. Can you think of a time when you were presented with ideas or situations that caused chaos at first, but ultimately resulted in valued insights?


When right-brainers are forced to work in left-brained situations and vice versaconsiderable stress ensues. Offer suggestions for coping with the conflict and finding syntheses that can serve as compromises. So… knowing that the work you have to do will always be there, and knowing that you are expected to acquire knowledge today, I invite you to sit back, take notes, participate, and absorb as much as you can.

It is important to begin talking as quickly as possible, for this exercise calls upon all three of the elements comprising critical thought: How has this style propelled or impaired the career progress of each?

Deliver the following instructions: If there is an extra person left after all the pairs have been formed, he or she can also serve as the judge. Collect and shuffle the 3″ x 5″ cards. A volunteer should be asked to tally the number of questions each pair asks. They contain the text the facilitator can use or paraphrase to introduce the lesson. If you selected b more than once, you crutical a strong need for Power.


Encourage employees to ask their supervisors what answers to which questions would be most valued by the supervisor.

(PDF) The Critical Thinking Tool Kit | Phan Chung –

They can also be made with other employees through process improvement teams, with customers through focus groups, with the community at large through new outreach programs.

They make excellent lawyers, accountants, supervisors, and engineers. Place a check in the appropriate column below.

Draw the skeleton on a flip chart and label each of the limbs and the head with one of the objectives of the course. These alliances may be made with other organizations through benchmarking.

critical thinking diagram worksheet 31-1

What do you like best about your work? Life expectancy has increased by six years since Call on several teams to share what they have thought of and encourage others to add these other oxymorons to thinnking own lists. Participants will jot down their thoughts about the issue from the perspective of the shoe- owner. Distribute the handout strips. Vegetables have probably been around just as long.