I know it’s early in the game but I’ve had so much nervous energy just thinking about it. My writing score was 5 but the rest are average or below. I wouldn’t worry too much about asking your profs; I’m sure they’ve been asked before. Thank you so much for this resource! I’m from a field outside of English.

I’m also the social media intern for the program this year. This is my first tentative toe in the water as far as grad school– I’ve been out of undergrad for a few years. Still waiting to hear from Saint Mary’s and still on one other waitlist. Posted February 12 edited. At this point, the only way in would be if someone who has accepted and paid a deposit changed their mind and decided not to attend. I know a few of those have sent out some notifications which UGH because I haven’t heard yet so that doesn’t sound great. Anyone managed to get off the Creative Writing Fiction wait list?

Accepted today after what felt like an endless wait.

Creative Writing Mfa Graduate School Admission Results

Super excited since it was the only program I applied to. By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. When I called, it sounded like enough of the initial offers accepted that they didn’t even need to go to the waitlist.


I think NYU is ariting acceptances soon, but don’t know. Sam Chang wrote on the bottom of my letter, “You were a finalist! The director emailed back a few hours later.

Anybody have anything on the programs I’m looking into or if I’m missing out on some? I just started to consider applying MFA in creative writing for the next year, but immediately overwhelmed by the numbers of schools provided such programs.

I have left is mediocre, totally unranked programs that don’t offer a single scholarship. Grradcafe feel I have difficulties in narrowing down to under 5. On October 31, at Saw in the results section that some people got acceptance emails. I applied previously in for Fall Register a new account.

creative writing mfa gradcafe

Go To Topic Listing Literary. I love Saunder’s article!

Canadian PR with a U. For Waterloo no news is sometimes good news.

Creative Writing Graduate School Admission Results

They did not return my emails. Do you know when schools start getting back? Please let us know what you think on the Forum or Email Us. Rejected for both poetry and creative nonfiction—because one rejection is never enough. Has anyone heard back from any of them?


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Says not to expect a letter. Best of luck to everyone! Register a new account. Turned down College of New Rochelle yesterday if anyone is waiting on funding. Hoping for good things in April!!! Being writibg is more than enough for me. I’ve had some really good reception, but I’m worried that they’re not impartial enough to give me enough honest feedback. Letter postmarked on March 1st. Is there some trick I’m not aware of for reading multiple books a week?

Received the world’s kindest rejection email today. Posted December 3, If you don’t mind, could you please share a crfative of your own workshop experience as well?

creative writing mfa gradcafe