Any program or intervention comprises five phases: Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Criminology. The role of governance is the devising of rules, processes, and administrative arrangements to manage societies or social groups—in contrast to politics, whose focus is decision-making. Eds , Surveillance of Public Space: Little , p.

Formal or organised surveillance is also provided by local stakeholders shop keepers, security guards. Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design. Brantingham and Brantingham have argued that there are four dimensions to CPTED any crime namely, the law, the offender, the target and the location. Planning and Foucault in search of the dark side of planning theory. Midtveit , p. These strategies are not independent of one another, and they act in concert to use physical attributes to separate public, public-private and private space, to define ownership e.

The concept of target hardening, therefore, is relative and refers to increasing the security of whatever is current. Different types of land literaature and activities are associated with varying levels of crime, and when many high-crime risk land uses are concentrated together, higher levels of crime can occur.


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These measures appear to have secured the structures and their occupants, but for Hollander they compromise local social, economic, aesthetic, and transport issues. Across all the studies the crime reduction effect was 20 per cent. Using the concept of geographical juxtaposition is about assessing the potential influence of surrounding land uses on crime and the fear of crime.

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Don’t have an account? Urban Design and Planning275— A study by Painter and Farringtonwhich used experimental and control areas, showed luterature in crime and an increase in pedestrian street use.


Designing for critical infrastructure protection and crime prevention pp. Examples include the installation of deadbolt locks on doors, the reinforcement of the doors themselves, the installation of locks on windows, and the use of double-pane glass which is both more difficult and noisier to break.

The Dark Side of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

The method of doing the research is a synthesized one; that is to say, having reviewed the views clted the theorists of Urban Science and Urban Sociology, e. The investments revlew a neighborhood as a whole can at best contribute to an increase in residential satisfaction, including Imagination Lancaster, Lancaster University.

Target hardening Target hardening increases the efforts that offenders must expend in the commission of a crime and is the most long-established and traditional approach to crime prevention. Mississauga, Ontario, September. This has prompted Raymenp.

Every CPTED intervention or design change has multiple effects, and some are beneficial in crime prevention terms. SCP utilises 24 techniques in four broad categories with the objective of increasing perceived effort, increasing perceived risks, reducing anticipated reward and inhibiting rationalisations.

Economy and Society21 3— The exclusionary properties of CPTED can be and have been used to provide privilege to some groups in society at the expense of others. However, the evidence currently available is inconclusive and much criticised, which effectively prevents widespread intervention and investment in such an approach by central government.

Worse is when an intervention produces outcomes that are adverse or opposite of what was intended.

The aim of the study is to identify urban unsafe and indefensible spaces as well as proposing a design-oriented solution in order to reduce the problems within the area of Bagh Shater Neighborhood as the case study. Retail store redesign to enhance surveillance yielded significant reductions in shoplifting in one store Farrington et al.


Access control also helps to assist the movement of legitimate users through the environment and enhance their perceptions of personal liteerature. Copy in the Bodleian Library, and collated with three other mss.

In Chicago Popkin et al. Indeed, Parnabyp. Crusty space Inaccessible due to walls, gates, and checkpoints. Built Environment cptfd, 39 1 A range of questions about designation, definition, and design include the following Crowe, The results of the Hartford study led to the nationwide development of a federal program to implement, and analyse, CPTED strategies in a number of cities across America.

cpted literature review

Research on territoriality has shown it to be most effective at the local level Brown and Altman, ; Taylor, ; Ratcliffe, although it is fraught with difficulties associated with definition, interpretation and measurement. Maintenance is an expression of the sense of ownership and proprietary concern for a specific environmental setting.

cpted literature review

Significantly, more critical inspection and scientific evaluation of CPTED interventions is required to deepen our understanding of what might work best in specific contexts for the different institutions that currently operationalize CPTED.