It would be a big help. If you are at a nontarget, then GE may be an excellent choice, relative to your alternatives. In my estimation GE is most interested in finding people they believe to be a cultural fit and don’t concern themselves with technical ability. It’s simple to set up. Very behavior and not technical.

It can get kind of dull from what i observed. Monkey 56 May 2, – For the entry-level FMP interview, the interview is entirely behavioral questions. Throughout my college career, I have demonstrated perseverance and consistently challenged myself to obtain the knowledge and experience that would prepare me for a challenging and rewarding career. Otherwise those so called “assumptions” in the analyst model never come true, leading to them to sell off that stock.

Tell me about the company, management, businesses within the conglomerate. I applied through college or university. Flag this Item Cancel.

cover letter for ge fmp program

If accounting is what you want to do, the FMP may be a good choice. Pogram the chances of international rotations are high, you are exposed to the risk of being sent to a country with a higher cost of living and being given inadequate salary adjustments. Interview I applied through the career center at my university. Chimp 15 Ffor 10, – 1: Eh, it’s more the MDs and VPs. Please check the boxes below. Again, it’s based on preferences and, more importantly, business needs.


cover letter for ge fmp program

Baboon Oct 7, – 5: Typically intern for 12 weeks. Nice part is if you get an offer you will go into your senior year knowing you have a job when you graduate!

Most work is extremely mind-numbing and boringand could be done by any high school student. Explore company projects on MindSumo.

Sample cover letter for Full Time position at GE

Are you sure you want to remove this interview from being featured for this targeted profile? The internship would start in January and go until the end of June, preventing me from participating in any Summer Analyst programs. Does an investment bank ever deal with the same decisions that directly affects its bottomline?

cover letter for ge fmp program

Interview Questions Tell me about a time you were in an uncomfortable situation. Thanks for the input guys. Like I said, single cases don’t prove anything. Challenging projects, which do not have a fixed routine and require out of the box thinking, excite me the most.

No saying it can’t be done, but the tor doesn’t help you out any. I don’t want to convince anyone that I am “right”, I just want to highlight some of the most common mistakes and missconceptions. Cpver Work Environment Also bear in mind that in GE you will be subjected to a very, very intense brainwashing to convince you that GE is like a big family, that your superiors are like caring relatives who look after your well being, etc.


The people in “lower-tier finance” so to speak hate the fact that they make “no money” even though they have plenty of time outside of work to relax, stay healthy, etc. Not amazing but not non-existent.

GE Cover Letter | Full Time | Financial Management Program

Businesses in the end exist to make money, and making sure that finances are being managed appropriately is more than just a progra type of support function to say the least. Pari Passu CF Rank: That’s one argument I haven’t heard before. Optional I would like to receive the weekly newsletter.

I’m not disputing anything you say, but it’s not all as negative as your tone suggests. From this, GE did on campus interviews.

General Electric (GE) Cover Letter | Internship | FMP

The leadership programs are used to groom future of these companies. The wanna be bankers that clver OP is talking about miss the big picture that these are more leadership training than banking-training programs, and that finance is just a platform. Client interaction, live pricing, more pitches built than I care to remember.