Based on theses criteria and considered as current in their subject area.. This is quite contrary to the general practice in reputed universities where the faculty members are involved in more intellectual pursuits rather than undertaking secretariat assignments. Ability to think independently j k l m n 4. All rights reserved 1. The over all climate at the department.

It is located in Bldg. Extension Services Table 4. Problem formulation and solving skills A 3. The university provide chemicals, glassware, chemical analysis equipment including: Attendance will be taken every lecture by passing a sign-up sheet in the first 10 minutes. The response to the first two surveys was very poor and the results were not statistically valid.

A substance with a constant composition that can be broken down into elements by chemical processes.

chem 101 kfupm homework

Cooperation you receive from colleagues. The Chemistry Department supports research with the following major and minor Research Facilities.

Chem – Dr. Khalid Alhooshani

Only two employers responded. The university provide chemicals, glassware, physical properties equipment including: In this course, there will be individual assignments and group assignments. The instructor cannot and will not tolerate any sort kdupm academic dishonesty.

If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. Auth with social network: Absence is the most common cause of a low grade in the lab part of the course.


Self-Assessment REPORT for Chemistry & Industrial Chemistry

Computer knowledge A II. Program Mission, Objectives and Outcomes S1. This survey is required for the Self-Assessment of our Academic Programs. Proficiency in Basic Sciences a proficiently in chemical science concepts covering all areas of basic chemical concepts.

Name of organization 3. The facilities are adequate. What are the best aspects of your program?

Number of sig figs in the result MUST equals the Lowest number in the precise measurement used in the calculation. Although quite inconclusive, some trends were obvious and are summarized below.

The heliocentric solar system?

chem 101 kfupm homework

The laboratories listed below are classified according to the various functions in the department: The number of graduate students, research assistants and Ph. The Committee deliberations are submitted to His Excellency the Rector of the University for approval.

Organic labs are equipped and run with facilities as well as instruction guides that are very similar to many international institutions.

Share buttons are a little bit lower. The problems in quizzes and exams can be related to any material mentioned in the syllabus. Homeaork OTC is equipped with major instruments such as: Financial Resources Faculty members can submit research proposals for externally funded research projects.


Chemistry Department – Course Materials

Roger Adams Lab 1 hand out: A DN grade in the course is given if the number of unexcused absences exceeds three or the total number of absences whether excused or homeworm exceeds five. Morsy Member Professor M.

chem 101 kfupm homework

The exam results will be posted on CHEM bulletin board and in my personal website also. The number of high quality graduate students, research assistants and Ph. Oral and written communication skills of the student are developed and applied in the program, through courses exclusively devoted to Research Homeworl, Seminars and co-op assignments and their reports presentations.

Students are expected to solve as many problems as possible. The total number of short courses, workshops and seminars organized are between last year.