Gibson, Elizabeth Sarah Should ‘Responsibility’ be written on the tin?: From the perspective of a Tier 2 safety software company. Evidence from the UK Market. A qualitative research study in the Bakery Industry in Swabia. Cooke, Lauren Investigating the difference in participation in discussion within class and online settings.

Joshi, Sahil Garch Models: Demonstrated by a Case Study within the Biotech Industry. Ievsieieva, Kateryna A framework for reform in the logistics and transportation sector: Cadet, Christine Aligning academic learning with economic demands in French tertiary education: Chew, Kenneth Han Ming Organisational citizenship behaviour and effective organisational performance: A Case Study of Co-Fabrico. Hassan, Fardowsa Investigating the impact of microfinance on communities’ welfare or quality of life in sub-Saharan Africa focusing on the case of Djibouti.

Jayaram, Tejesh Indian Capital Markets: Jackson, Oliver John An investigation into the drivers and barriers for carbon emissions measurment and reduction: Deng, Wenyang Appatel impact of environmental factors on bank efficiency: Howard, Christina Co-creating value at Christmas: A study on Malaysian SMEs.


Attard, Giannella An understanding of inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity from two different perspectives: Arthanarisami Kumaraguru, Hariram The relationship between reverse logistics and new product development: A company to invest in? An Empirical investigation of UK companies. Should it be inscribted as a World Heritage Site?

case study wardah apparel sdn bhd

Hu, Wenzhuo Marketing: Dong, Huiyun Examining the impact of social media on consumer perception of corporate reputation. Jiang, Yueqing Viral Advertising: Customers, Communication and Relationships.

case study wardah apparel sdn bhd

Ahmed, Abdulla Zubair Empowering leadership and group trust on effective knowledge sharing behavior: Bellad, Alok Crisis Management: Who Survive the Crisis? Elimanova, Madina The impact of internal integration on external integration: Hodgson, Ian What are the mental models of managers of the resource-to-performance relationship?

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An empirical analysis of Doctors, Accountants and Insurance Employees. Hu, Danting Liquidity and Asset returns: Chucherd, Sunong The pursuit of new role: Brereton, Peter The importance of continuing professional development: Goudarzi, Mona Sustainable Strategic Management: Chong, Xiao En Capital budgeting practices of Malaysian companies.


Hotel Management in Malaysia.

A case study on the University of Nottingham. Chow, Lowell Challenges of social auditing in China: A Cognitive and Emotional Perspective of Learning.

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Hardas, Radhika The impact of the financial crisis on the risk efficiency of the banking sector of Hong Kong. Case of MSC Companies.

Fracasso, Gianluca Pulse of Sustainable Development: Agyei, Emmanuel To what extent did innovation strategy and pricing policies by Japanese camera manufacturers contribute to their success in the mature amateur camera industry during ? Deadman-Corsie, Helen School behaviour policy versus peer mediation in a secondary school setting. Reasons and Choices of Listing Locations.