Mega project is superficial answer to drainage congestion, flood management. In particular, the text almost reads like gibberish in places. By night, 76 children were reported killed in the accident and the district administration handed over the bodies to the parents. There might be a discussion about this on the talk page. The layout of the first floor was similar to the ground floor where classes had no separation and exit was through a narrow collapsible door. If you need high-quality papers done quickly and with zero traces of plagiarism, PaperCoach is the way to go.

On the northwest side of the stage was the noon meal kitchen and a cycle stand, both of which were thatched structures. This article may be confusing or unclear to readers. The headmaster Prabharan and three others turned approvers. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Digital subscription comes free with it.

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Principal, nine others held guilty for worst ever…30 Jul Kumbakonam fire tragedy. The eleven who were acquitted by the Principal District Court were B. For you, parents had glorious dream!

Topic: Case Study Of Kumbakonam Fire Accident –

Annadurai, a friend of Pulavar Palanichamy was accounted for advising circumvention of rules. The school building had inadequate exit routes for the children to escape and kunbakonam gates were locked when the accident happened.

case study of kumbakonam fire accident

The accident could have been averted if only the management had shown However, the Kumbakonam school fire was not an isolated incident. Historical Dictionary of the Tamils. AMU must become co-ed, merge Shia, Sunni studies: Though the accident shook the nation and cases were lodged against officials of the school management and the state government, the case moved from one court to another for years.


The temple was consecrated on 21 June The relief announced by the state and central government were disbursed on 17 July The Encyclopedia Britannica states First Aid as “measures to be taken immediately after an accident.

Kumbakonam fire tragedy: Life term for principal, 10 years’ jail for school owner

Oh dear little ones! Fake news and social media trolling: By 11 am, firefighters and other authorities had started to break down the concrete structure because the only way in to the classroom was a single staircase, reported the Hindu. School Safety — NIDMRecent events of children deaths due to building collapse, fire accidents and event that unfolded in accidet Kumbakonam fire tragedy which took the lives of For example, does the staff or the children know the chain of command in case of an.

In total, there were 65 were still undergoing treatment on 16 July, 4 of whom died subsequently, making the total toll to The trial was concluded on July 17, The committee was given a timeline of four months but extended for four times and it was able to finally complete the investigation on 30 June On 16 Julythe fire tragedy occurred on thatched roof structure of the school. Supreme Court dismisses pleas opposing Tamil Nadu govt’s move to release all seven convicts.


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Kumbakonam fire tragedy case – The Hindu

Retrieved July 31, Final verdict of Kumbakonam school fire accident …29 Jul Final verdict of Kumbakonam school fire accident on Wednesday Mohamed Ali will deliver the final judgement in the case on Wednesday. In particular, the text almost reads like gibberish oc places. Please help us clarify the article.

The Tamil Nadu government has constructed a memorial park in Kumbakonam in memory of the 94 children who lost their lives. Students studdy Kumbakonam Government Fine Arts College designed the memorial, which depicts children in flames and wailing parents.

case study of kumbakonam fire accident

It also stated that the schools had inadequate exit facilities and had no firefighting capabilities. Balaji, the deputy education elementary officer was accused of carelessly passing the papers signed by Madhavan.

All you need to know about Kumbakonam fire tragedy that killed 94 children

September 25, Amid liquidity woes, DHFL curbs premature withdrawals, stops accepting kumbakonwm deposits; shares down 9. The management did not bother to fulfill the conditions, nor did the government bother to ensure compliance,” the report says.

case study of kumbakonam fire accident

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