Discuss the meaning and implications of the statement by a Nike representative that “consumers are not rewarding us for investments in improved social performance in supply chains. Collapse in April of Rana building in Bangladesh, which housed a number of garment units, who were sub contractors to leading MNCs Multinational corporations collapsed, killing over a 1, people — mostly women and injuring seriously a few hundreds, keep happening. Are you new to traveling? All of this can lead to the problems we can see in this case. The open system involve labor ministries, civil society and competitors.

However , Nike start to report the detail of all its factories and in fact Nike devote more to improving conditions than its competitors. Traditional leadership make the manager only do their duty, but not thinking about other fact. Although competitors may be engaging in unethical practices, and consumers may not care about the working conditions of foreign employees, it is still not a justification situation to engage in socially irresponsible actions. It meant that although Nike improved conditions and outcomes for its employees and sub contractor and that they slightly better working conditions to their third world employees and banned the hiring of children, they thought people in general would buy more stuff from them, just because Nike decided to be a bit nicer to employees and cost them money. Environment , Nike Inc. The strategy is that instead of the closed system , company will establish an open system. If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email.

This kind of leader is only little in existence.

Nike’s CSR Challenge | Case Study | Readerspice

The company understands now that the strategic shift for Nike’s Management can not only been seen as a close system. What does it mean to have an industry open-systems approach to social responsibility? It should be pointed out that consumer perceptions and concerns can change and a firm can find it dealing with czr successful PR campaign directed toward its practices.


Nike come out a new realization. Stakeholders are person with an interest or concern in business.

Nike’s Csr Challenge

The awareness and the initiative taken by Nike has been acknowledged and appreciated by all the stakeholders in the industry, including customers. However,Nike devotes itself to making a new strategy.

case study nikes csr challenge

It makes a positive environment. Besides, leadership is also a challenge for Nike and other industries. The only sad thing is that without changes to the financial markets, Nike may find its efforts in vain.

What parties are involved? Early this year in the state of Tamilnadu in India, 7 workers died when they were cleaning a tank in a stusy dyeing unit, KPR textiles, Perundurai, Erode challengr.

All of this can lead to the problems we can see in this case. It depends on the way consumerssuppliers ,investors and other related to it. Instead the challenge is now to reform the cjallenge business is done.

Accessed May 23, Leadership is another challenge that Nike is facing. They are changing it from a closed system and making the company more open so that suppliers and customers can relate to Nike.

However ,at the same time ,company should take care of their staffs and employees,or they will fail to make the profit. The industry has a lot of contract manufacturing in which a foreign firm is contracted to do fhallenge the production for the firm owning the brand. They believe that good society will bring good profitability and thus it would contribute to sustainability, Nike managed to create a green life cycle, were Nike has managed to eliminate waste in production and harmful substances, and ensure that all their products are recyclable and re-usable.

Nike needs to reach out to wider issues of trade flows, governance, and media otherwise all their changes may not make a difference as they optimistically hope.

case study nikes csr challenge

Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. The apparel industry is possibly for the most part at risk to issues of social responsibility. The strategy is that instead of the closed systemcompany will establish an open system.


Nike’s CSR Challenge | Case Study

Apparently Nike is saying it wasn’t worth investing money into being more humane because at the end it did not resulted in more shoe sales.

Extra working hours are also required to meet demands, which result in overtime and poor working conditions in developing countries, but the same percentage of factories in Asia denies workers at least one day off in seven.

The operation council of the Global Alliance after detailed audit, has commended Nike for the processes introduced, not only in its own operations and among its subcontractors, but also in the rest of the industry. What parties are involved?

Who are the stakeholders? Companies like Nike needs to consider people, planet and profit from now on. There have been cases reported abusive treatments in more than a quarter of its South Asian plants. Transcendent leadership offers us a metaphor to help Nike move more closely to a world where human talents and energies will be maximized for the betterment of al — personally, organizationally, and globally Gardiner, What does it mean to have an industry open-systems approach to social responsibility?

Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? What is needed is a more open form of leadership that calls for collaboration among mutually parties in order to solve systemic problems.