The app also features timed challenges in which the learner has to answer 20 questions in 30 seconds, gaining XP and additional time for every correct answer. Before they can work with customers, new associates must obtain a deep knowledge of our architectures and technologies. Dow AgroSciences uses Knowledge Guru to train sales reps in preparation for multiple product launches. Most importantly, the games are driving true retention of the content. Our Care Certificate Game was integrated into all mandatory Care Certificate training for new and existing healthcare support workers. A Top-5 Pharmaceutical Company Issue: July 16, – 1:

Players loved the experience. Want to keep reading? Merchants is a learning game designed to improve negotiation skills and customer communication. Over millions of years, the natural world has evolved so we can…. Games were tested with staff and residents over a 6 week period. Feedback from players has been great – staff tell us that the game really helps them think about how they treat patients and how they can improve patient safety.

Players loved the experience. Please correct the marked field s below. Reduce number of medication errors by improving staff awareness and competency.

5 Case Studies that Prove Learning Games Work

The Knowledge Guru was a fun and new way for us to reinforce the training we needed to do with the launch of our new product. We have partnered with organizations from srudy industries to transform training into successful learning experiences.

The Sepsis Game was introduced into the Trust in Protect-A-Bed is the worldwide leader in mattress protection and innovation. This initial evaluation suggests that board games may be a useful cxse enjoyable tool for helping staff and service-users to explore and discuss the important role of food, fluids and effective communication in social care settings. Significantly increased average contract value of products sold. CareSource General Compliance Training -[created].


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One of our seasoned subject matter experts who reviewed the game indicated the game was lots of fun and would be a good tool for our reps. Thank you for Signing Up. Dysphagia is a poorly understood medical condition, and our clients wanted to create a tool to help frontline staff understand how to spot and manage it effectively.

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A Meta-Analytic Examination of the Instructional Effectiveness of Computer-Based Simulation Games Sitzmann, Mgams studies are one thing, but what about real-world examples of successful game-based learning initiatives? Heineken Capability Academy wanted to improve initial training for customer-facing teams. Wyndham Management Onboarding Performance Readiness -[created].

Games were tested with staff and residents over a 6 week period.

The meta-study found that, compared to other methods, simulation games deliver: In each lesson, coding simulators let learners practise each command and line of code as they go. Welcome to Growth Engineering!

case study mgames

They have also used Guru internally to help the Ccase Team learn about new training techniques and procedures. The game made teaching, training and testing easy and effective for management.


Fundamentals of Equipment Leasing -[created]. Drug Round Game Client: I was able to incorporate the technology better into my day-to-day job. Mobile learning case studies Mobile learning Case Studies Portfolio. Our kgames wanted to transform its global customer-facing operations, and needed a tool to engage with management teams to ensure a positive foundation to roll out the new programme.

Coaching Champions Soft Skills Training -[created]. Hats off to whomever came up with the game and those who introduced it to all of us.

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Our gamified workshop cut the time required for induction by half, and both the client and participants find the new process much more engaging and efficient. However, the mechanics behind it have been covered in depth. Our clients wanted to help health professionals fully understand stroke, from the emergency right through to rehabilitation, in a way that encouraged discussion and sharing ideas.

Checkers Drive-Thru Customer Service -[created]. Dow AgroSciences uses Knowledge Guru to train sales reps in preparation for multiple product launches. We designed a The Dysphagia board game and accompanying online game, to increase awareness and improve education for healthcare staff.