What should Mike as a Christian do? They thought it more prudent to take James immediately to a faith healing service instead of putting James through multiple rounds of dialysis. According to the Christian narrative and the discussion of the issues of treatment refusal, patient autonomy, and organ donation in the topic readings, how might one analyze this case? This Case Study Healing and Autonomy assignment uses a rubric. Leave A Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

PHI V Topic 3 Assignment, Case Study on Biomedical Ethics in the Christian Narrative – , Healing and Autonomy Discussion Question 1 Principalism, especially in the context of bioethics in the United States, has often been critiqued for raising the principle of autonomy to the highest place, such that it trumps all other principles or values. Multivariate, Time-Series, and Survival Analysis. Witnessing one of their friends receive Christian healing from stroke is one of the reasons why the couples decides to put their trust in healing from God. Under the Christian narrative and Christian vision, what sorts of issues are most pressing in this case study? Should the physician allow Mike to continue making decisions that seem to him to be irrational and harmful to James? From where would one find comfort and hope in the light of illness according to this narrative? Add Solution to Cart Remove from Cart.

If you are sure that someone’s or your copyright has been violated by the author of this cardset by publishing your content, please tell us. Consequently, if religion is to entail day to day lived experience of human beings, then Christianity will also get involved in science and medicine.

Mike and Joanne are the parents of James and Samuel, identical twins born eight years ago. Log in Username or e-mail Password Forgot password? Issues in Health Care Delivery.


The practice of health care providers at all levels brings you into contact with people from a variety of faiths. Annotated Studyy Health Care 9 May, They should understand that God works miracles through studt human beings.

Move card to position Current position: Therefore, we can easily conclude that they view sickness from the perspective of Healinf. Number of new cards: How should the reason about trusting God and treating James?

Ethical and Spiritual Decision Making

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case study healing and autonomy gcu

The physician is much aware of the James complications and knows that the child will require a kidney transplant within a period of one year or less.

Two days later the family czse, and was forced to place James on dialysis, as his condition had deteriorated.

E-Mail-address press Enter for new line. The case study at hand evaluates the decisions made by Mike and Joanne in the perspective of medical intervention to their son James.

case study healing and autonomy gcu

However, for the case of physicians is a different case because they are educated people and make their choices on scientific facts. As a result, the physician needs to inform the couples that they need to seek medical assistance of their child and then place the rest of the trust on God for healing.

Case Study of Healing and Autonomy

Transport and Agricultural Economics. Explain in detail each part of the narrative above and analyze the implications. The discipline offers consent to specific decisions made by the patient which brings the focus of medicine to the sick casw instead of pathology. Witnessing one of their friends receive Christian healing from stroke is one of the reasons why the couples decides to put their trust in healing from God.


case study healing and autonomy gcu

It is related to the autonpmy of human beings for self-existence in everyday life because it gives life its meaning as well as the fulfillment of human desires. Conclusion In conclusion, although Christians should remain committed in their religion, they should not be blind in their faith to God.

Baptists are different than Wutonomy, Catholics have different variations than Presbyterians, etc. In light of the above readings, I need to address the following questions in a 1, word analysis:.

An abstract is required.

Ethical and Spiritual Decision Making

Therefore, some denominations would emphasize the fact that God places medicine and doctors were placed on earth to provide healing for people through God’s guidance.

James is currently suffering from acute glomerulonephritis, kidney failure. Search in your cards. Religion in the Modern World. The healing gave James and Joanne hope that their son will soon get well by throwing their faith and trust in God. From where would one find comfort and hope in the light of illness according to this narrative?

Contrary, there are group of Christians with the belief that doctors are sent by God to help in the elimination of sicknesses on earth.