No independent research to prove the safety of Bt Brinjal exists. Major Challenges in Brinjal Production in India Monophagous, most destructive and unmanageable pest of brinjal. The fertility of F 1 progeny ranged from a complete absence of flower to the production of few seeds. Indigenous gene should be introduced in to the cultivars from the wild relatives, so that cost of cultivation may decrease. A fter the GEAC had given approval to Monsanto to launch its Bt cotton technology between and , Monsanto charged an exorbitant trait value royalty of Rs 1, per packet of gm. The fertility of the soil has been reduced and has practically disappeared after cultivating Bt cotton for a few years. Go to Application Have a question?

Post on Jul 1. At the same time there is an emerging consensus that modern petrochemical- based farming is unsustainable and there is a need to develop and promote ecological approaches to food production. Therefore, this Bt technology may have more scope with respect to minimize the insecticidal cost and eco friendly management. Further, no long-term or human feeding studies exist. That is why it should not be introduced in our farms and our kitchens without a proper reassessment, especially in the context of false assumptions made to present Bt.

A Collaborative Programme The introduction of Bt cotton has led to rapid depletion of nutrients and microorganisms from the soil. Major Challenges in Brinjal Production in India Monophagous, most destructive and unmanageable pest of brinjal.

The antibiotic resistance genes may also be transferred into some other organisms in the environment and this brinjwl damage the ecosystem.

Solanum melongena as female parent was crossable with S. A Ramadoss, Union health minister duringhad also opposed the introduction of GM brinjal in Sgudy.


case study bt brinjal ppt

The genetic diversity of brinjal is manifest in its morphology growth habit, plant vigor, hairiness, prickliness, fruit color, size and shapephysiology cas of flowering, water requirement and uptake and biochemical features bitterness of fruit. Limited environmental studies on soil microflora in the rhizosphere. AnnonymousPowerPoint Presentation: B acillus Thuringiensis Brinjal, popularly known as Bt brinjal, is at the centre of a major controversy in India.

The Bt toxins produced in Bt brinjal are also present in the other Monsanto products such as Bt cotton and Bt corn, they point out. Mahyco collaborates with Monsanto, the world’s leading producer of genetically engineered seeds.

case study bt brinjal ppt

Genetic improvement by conventional plant breeding has not been successful due to the lack of resistance to fruit and shoot borer in brinjal germplasm. Upload from Desktop Single File Upload. Pollen flow studies noted that maximum distance travelled by pollen was meters and casd crossing varied from 1. Meanwhile, the European Union has followed strict norms and countries in the European Union have banned the genetically modified food crops.

All you wanted to know about Bt brinjal

In spite of the extensive use of chemical pesticides, larvae lead a concealed life, it is difficult to control through insecticide sprays. Current scenario reflects that Bt Brinjal can be most effective when they are used as part of IPM strategies.

Increase in the secondary pest is due to insufficient management practices of the farmers.

The supply of seeds will be regulated and thus costlier. There is no shortage of brinjal. The fertility of the soil has been reduced and has practically disappeared after cultivating Bt cotton for a few years.

Soil micro-biota studies two years. It is almost impossible through a few species measurements to get a whole view of a complicated ecosystem, moreover varying a lot from place to place in India.


case study bt brinjal ppt

The tests merely show the safety of the organic spray. Baseline susceptibility studies two years with 29 populations. Ironically, this permission was granted in spite of an ongoing Supreme Court case, filed by Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology RFSTEchallenging the field trials and stating that there were numerous irregularities and violations of biosafety laws and guidelines in previous year field trials.

It may cause diseases like swollen face, itching skins, allergies, et cetera. When it will grow in the farmer field.

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One of the proposed strategies is to deny resistant insects FSB opportunity to mate with other resistant insects FSBthereby preventing the creation of a resistant population. The MRTPC indicted Monsanto and passed an interim order stating that the MNC is indeed following restrictive trade practices and this had resulted in some relief for the farmers.

Reasons for Imposing Moratorium on Bt Brinjal: You do not have the permission to view this presentation. In feeding trials, numerous significant differences were noted compared to the best corresponding non-Bt controls: Shigetane Ishiwatarifirst isolated Bacillus thuringiensis. In addition to a large number of high yielding cultivars, there are many landraces and wild species of brinjal.

Development of resistance is a fact of evolution and this is definitely going to happen in Bt over time.