Too much risk requires exceptionally lower prices, whereas a higher bid can be offset with significant reductions in risk. Developing Risk Mitigation Strategies. Why was so little risk analysis done at the time? Commercially, DeHavilland had a huge investment in its success and perceived that first-mover advantage would allow them to pick up a big piece of the commercial jet aircraft market if they were first off the mark. Managers can use this information to determine if risk at a certain point is worth the potential payoffs. Include the impact this tolerance and exposure may have on potential outcomes.

These question are from the Project Management book Second Developing Risk Mitigation Strategies. Suspension Bridges – Tacoma Narrows Bridge. It took this failure for engineers and scientists to understand the implications of entirely new forces. Price and risk thus serve as the weights on two opposite scale pans.

It is easy, in hindsight, for students to criticize several elements in the TNB development and construction; however, it is important that instructors not allow them to take the easy way out and focus on the result of the construction. These question are from the Project Management book Second Tacoma Narrows Suspension Bridge The dramatic collapse of the Tacoma Narrows suspen- a series of violent vertical and What are the benefits and drawbacks of using a qualitative risk assessment matrix for classifying the various types of project risk?

Most of these bridges, like Tacoma Bridge Collapse Cases Develop a qualitative risk matrix for these risk factors and assess them in terms of probability and consequences.

case study 7 2 the tacoma narrows suspension bridge

Nardows boss makes it clear that any successful bid must demonstrate a balance between risk and price. Certainly, the original Comet included several radical design elements embedded engines in the wing root, square windows, pressurized cabin, and so forth that any one of them could have been a significant advance on its own.


After listing them on the board develop a qualitative risk matrix and ask students to help classify the various risk elements.

It took this failure for engineers and scientists to understand the implications of entirely new forces.

case study 7 2 tacoma narrows bridge

Although there are shortcomings to these approaches. Publishing as Prentice Hall 22 students can often identify alternatives to standard approaches for risk mitigation, although it is also useful to have them recognize that for certain low impact risks, simply accepting them is often the best least expensive and fastest solution. For example, in cases where an older, well established firm bids a contract, they may offer a higher bid but it is attractive because their obvious project management expertise lower concomitant risk.

It may be difficult to come to an agreement or consensus in such processes due to conflicting opinions and personal issues.

case study 7.2 tacoma narrows bridge answers

Explain the difference between managerial contingency and task contingency? How would your analysis change if office space was in high demand? Depending upon how they view the consequences of each of the above risks, it is possible to classify them into one of the quadrants of the qualitative risk matrix. The key point is to get them thinking in terms of potential risks that are bound to exist prior to initiating a new project. If you are putting together a list of failed projects from the history books it would be hard to ignore the Tacoma Narrows bridge.


The matrix enables the project team to prioritize risk based on severity of consequences and likelihood of occurrence. Technology Entrepreneurship for Scientists and Engineers.

Publishing as Prentice Hall 21 Please calculate the Overall risk factor for this project. Unfortunately, the drawback is that past performance does not always predict future performance. Bigger and Higher 7. Using a qualitative risk analysis matrix, develop a risk assessment for a project based on the following information: Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse Publishing as Prentice Hall 7 7. anawers

case study 7.2 tacoma narrows bridge answers

Narrows Bridge on the morning of November 7, Why or why not? How should your company deal with them accept them, share them, transfer them, or minimize them? Xnswers document Create flashcards. Suspension Bridges – Tacoma Narrows Bridge. How would you assess the riskiness of this project?

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With its unique answees and all the additional features that made it radical, the Comet should have been slowly integrated into production and use, instead of being rushed to market. Assume the following information: The Tacoma Narrows Bridge is a pair of twin suspension bridges that