Being class president was not a pleasant position. His eyes shone brightly, but then he lowered his head again. He looked at Bu Mus victoriously. One hour with him felt like one minute. It was as loud as seven coconut trees crashing down!

That was about the time when I was tempted to an- swer, feeling hesitant, awkward and unsure—which usually resulted in me being wrong. Explain it all and explain it now. Then, with lightning speed, those voracious birds would dive down and plunder the small fruits of the filicium with their razor-sharp beaks. He wore three layers of socks. He betrayed the audience.

Compound Word Puzzle 1 Fill in each missing word to make two compound words. Our stares could not be torn away because we stpowatch fallen in love with him and he had already made us fall in love with this old school. We knew the report and the photos would be distributed as widely as Mister Samadikun could manage.

The condition was ten students, a condition dramatically fulfilled by Ha- run at the last minute.

But my feet hurt and my heart was embarrassed, both because of these shoes. Do you know the answer? My God, that seashell-collecting boy was sharp. She was only fifteen years old. He added yet another choice of his own: It resembled a co- pra shed. Then came news that made our hearts race. He looked over to Bu Mus and shrugged his shoulders. He was a well- mannered, promising young citizen who was a model of Dasa Dharma Pramuka—the Rainbpw Scout promise.


Lintang would correct my an- swers with the spirit of friendship. She put her ego aside, not mind- ing her lecture being cut short.

Finish the Sentence 2 Fill in a compound word to finish the sentence.

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Black with white stripes and made of hard plastic, they looked like re- ally ugly soccer shoes. Unlike other elementary school classrooms, there were no multiplication tables inside our classroom. You will fall to your deaths within the next 30 days! He sneered and shook his head repeatedly to make his disappointment known. Harfan Effendy Noor, and my ten childhood bestfriends, the members of the Rainbow Troops.

He was amazed by the roving objects of the skies in the dark corners of the universe that may have only been visited by the thoughts of Nicolaus Copernicus.

When we were sick, whatever it was—diarrhea, swelling, cough, flu, itch- ing—the teacher gave us a large, round pill that resembled a raincoat button.

Something isn’t quite right here …

And despite our varying degrees of poverty, there was someone even poorer than all of us, and she wanted to be our teacher. He petted it gently and whispered something to it—it was so bizarre!


butterfly stopwatch rainbow homework

He made math- ematical calculations in order to manipulate the tape re- corder motor to push the boat, and explained to us stopeatch fun- damental laws of hydraulics. It was a grave situation for Mister Samadikun. Common Compound Words Word Wheel Make a wheel about common compound words using this 2-page print-out; it consists of a base page together with two wheels that spin around.

Hundreds of qualified students competed at the highest standard at this school, and one of them was Flo. Or go to a pdf of the worksheet and answers subscribers only.

butterfly stopwatch rainbow homework

There were three large letters on the pill: My archri- val, my number one enemy, was my friend and deskmate, whom I loved like a brother. After he sang the song, he pushed his bike back home, all 40 kilometers. The one thing we had hanging up in our class was a poster. Rain spilled from the sky into our classroom. As for the Malays, they lived like puppets—controlled by a small and comical but very powerful puppet master called a siren.