Their mood got uglier; the officers seemed outraged that the dog could not find any contraband, and they dragged her over to us and commanded her to sniff our legs and feet. My parents came to the US because they wanted a better life for me. I will never forget that night beside the highway. Even in the days of Spanish and Mexican rule, no attempts were made to interfere with the flow of people and goods from south to north and north to south. Pythia Peay’s Soul Searching Essay. In her article she is trying to persuade her audience that The Border Patrol are all malicious overpowered and useless, although her objective is to persuasive, her approach is not effective.

This website uses cookies to ensure you have the best experience. Many people would be unable to relate to this feeling due to ones upbringing. As she puts it: Posted by Unknown at 8: I forget that there are still, to this day, people of my country desperately trying to come and make their dreams a reality.

In school in the s, we were taught that our right to travel from state to state without special papers or threat esszy detainment was a right that citizens under Communist and totalitarian governments did not possess.

Summary of “The Border Patrol State” by Leslie Marmom Silko

The dog’s handler jerked the leash sharply as she sniffed us, as if to make her perform better, but the dog refused to accuse us; she had an innate dignity that did not permit her to serve the murderous impulses of those men. In the city of South Tucson, where 80 percent of the respondents were Chicano or Mexicano, a joint research project by the University of Wisconsin and the University of Arizona recently concluded that one out of every five people there had been detained, mistreated verbally or nonverbally, or questioned by INS agents in the past two years.

They would tell me these stories and show me movies to educate me. If the wall is built, then the patrol can remain the same because the wall can provide more security on the border. New laws and policies were set in place, and an initial Border Patrol officers were assigned to guard the United States borders along Canada and Mexico.


When you drive north from Las Cruces up Interstate 25, two miles north of the town of Truth or Consequences, the highway is blocked with orange emergency barriers, and all traffic is diverted into a two-lane Border Patrol checkpoint miles north of the U. You must be logged in to post a comment. The Impact of Law Enforcement Tactics on Us words – 8 pages violence spilling over our largely unsecured southern border. For example, Silko talks about her personal experience where Border Patrol agents stopped her and her companion on New Mexico State Road 26 at midnight.

While politicians and multinational corporations extol the virtues of NAFTA and free trade in goods, not fleshthe ominous curtain is already up in a six-mile section at the border crossing at Mexicali; two miles are being erected but are not yet finished at Naco; and at Nogales60 miles south of Tucson, the steel wall has been all rubber-stamped and awaits construction, likely to begin in March.

The Border Patrol State Essay

Unknown February 17, at 3: IT IS NO use; borders haven’t worked, and they won’t wilko, not now, as the indigenous people of the Americas reassert their kinship and solidarity with one another. When I was around 12 years old I remember watching a movie about a young women who gave up all of her money to try and come to America and seeing her struggle to cross the dessert and she was abused siilko men and used as a drug mule, only to be caught by border patrol and be taken back to her country.

Ethos is a very critical persuasion method, if someone is not given strong credibility, they might not believe what is said.

border patrol state silko essay

Wall on the American-Mexican Border words – 3 pages. Throughout Silko’s essay she esxay uses ethos, pathos, and logos they just do not flow and support one another but instead contradict each other. Drug smuggling is a big hassle for the patrolmen that are protecting the American.

Border Problem words – 3 pages cartels, and there is an increase on human trafficking.

border patrol state silko essay

The only flaw with this example is when Silko goes as in depth when she discusses how she has a connection with the dog when she bprder into her eyes. How to cite this essay Choose cite format: Posted by Unknown at 8: Homeland Security is tasked with ensuring that no threats enter the United States by air, water, or by land. Their mood got uglier; the officers seemed outraged that the dog could not find any contraband, and they dragged her boder to us and commanded her to sniff our legs and feet.


I definitely would not have had as many amazing opportunities that I have now. Anna January 25, at 3: If you have any problems with writing, feel free to ask our writers for help!

border patrol state silko essay

Alleged increases in illegal immigration by people of Asian ancestry mean that the Border Patrol now routinely detains anyone who appears to be Asian or part Asian, as well.

I couldn’t count fast enough, but I saw 50 or 60 people headed north.

Cover Story: (September 26 – October 2, )

On the Laguna Pueblo reservation, where I was raised, the people were patriotic despite the way the U. To my relief, the strange violence the Border Patrol agents had focused on us now seemed shifted to the dog.

To Deny Competition is to Deny Life. Contextual analysis pays attention to what is going on in the world outside of this artifact and how it pertains to the artifact. Never mind high-profile cases like that of former Border Patrol agent Michael Elmer, acquitted of murder by claiming self-defense, despite admitting that as an officer he shot an illegal immigrant in the back and then hid the body, which remained undiscovered until another Border Patrolman reported the event.

Though Silko is already a well known and very respected author her resources make it hard to believe the stories when the audience is unable to research the stories themselves.

White people traveling with essa people, however, can expect to be stopped on suspicion they work with the sanctuary movement, which shelters refugees. We exchanged looks–the dog and I.