It began, she argues, about three decades ago when Iceland privatised the right to fish and introducing quotas that could be traded and accumulated. Brash creatures, their boldness inspires admiration in the Icelanders. He, rather than St Francis de Sales, is the true patron saint of our profession. When that happens, I am persuaded to think very differently about a question, to take a leap, as it were. Therefore, if you want to get to the root of anything you must be radical. You can almost step on them.

The Ducks were everywhere. The sight of thousands of tame eiders close to human settlements astounded early European travellers in Iceland. In the Middle Ages, pelicans were thought to pierce their own breast to draw blood to feed their young. And your words should be full. Orwell starts his essay by observing: Listen to this article Play audio for this article Pause Close Financial Times International Edition.

Brash creatures, their boldness inspires admiration in the Icelanders. Close Financial Times International Edition. I meet a year-old boy, whose family has inhabited a farm on the island since the 19th century. When that happens, I am persuaded to think very differently about a question, to take a leap, as it were.

Writing about liberty, Baldwin understands that condemning your oppressors may be vital but so, too, is forgiveness. Above all, he is a marketing man.

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essat I used to be a nightwatchman so I have a little bit of experience staying awake. Is this image fresh enough to have an effect?

bodley head ft essay prize 2014

Back in Isafjordur, the pastor tells me about a Japanese film crew who made a documentary about him. Why a writer needs a break.


2014 Bodley Head/FT Essay Prize for Long-Form Essay Writing ( £1,000 Prize)

heaad It would be better if they found half an hour every morning, and 90 minutes three days a week, for improving reading. The story of down harvesting is so different from these narratives of compromise and degradation. Bennett begins by demolishing objections to the thesis with mockery that masquerades as helpfulness. Since then, self-help has become a dismal literary genre dominated by emoting Americans; yet, here, the British writer proves it is possible to tell people how to run their lives in a way that is funny, erudite, and snooty — as well as entirely persuasive.

Today large firms predominantly control the fishing industry. The scene described by the pastor has been a common sight in Iceland for centuries.

bodley head ft essay prize 2014

She sits on her eggs for 28 days, during which she may lose a third of her body weight; some mothers may starve to death. At times, the relationship can be tested. Over centuries eiderdown has been treasured by Vikings, Russian tsars, and medieval tax collectors who accepted it as revenue.

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What image or idiom will make it clearer? Bbodley competition, now in its third year, aims to discover new talent in long-form non-fiction writing. That it is life, that it carries life on. It essat no accident that the word has now been totally demonised by our masters, and no one in politics dares even use the word favourably, much less track any problem to its root. I see this first hand on the remote island of Vigur, which looks out into the Arctic Circle.


Holding a clump pirze eiderdown in my hand, one Icelander tells me something that seems to offer an alternative to this unsettling relationship between humans and birds. His work, British Muslim Soldieris a meditation on identity, dealing with why he, a Pakistani boy fromBurnley with no degree, decided to join the British army.

For several weeks they followed him around his farm, recording him collecting down with esasy children, while sidestepping nesting eiders.

bodley head ft essay prize 2014

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Other realms use jargon in a semi-conscious effort to keep outsiders outside. Dismayed by the practice of duck hunting in North America, he proposed the introduction of eider reservations where down could be harvested for profit. Might Icelanders have to develop intensive farming techniques to increase the supply of down, possibly to reduce illegal hunting?

He, rather than St Francis de Sales, is the true patron saint of our profession. What am I trying to say? Less fortunate birds may have their plumage ripped out while they are still alive, a practice known as live-plucking and reported to be common in China and Hungary, both major exporters of down. From this down she builds a nest for her eggs; her own bare skin, freshly revealed, covers them with warmth. In fact, since the death of free-market orthodoxy infew political writers hold many unquestioned orthodox beliefs at all.