That was how I learned best. I started off in VB6, then VB. Please finish the previous module of this course before you access the content of this module. In speaking language, if we learn Latin, you can pretty much speak any other foreign language that includes Latin as the root. So, we’re getting there!!! I literally went from an underpaid help desk employee to a Systems Engineer at double the salary because of him. However, it really is geared toward prep for a very specific certification exam.

That was how I learned best. I started off in VB6, then VB. Just accept the fact that they’re used and how to create new instances of classes as created by Microsoft in the. But it might be a close call. Glad to see he’s done an updated version of the series. I will watch this new series from beginning to end aswell.


Thank you for the course btw. Click on “table of contents”next to the white “i” on the blue background, then click the plus sign next to “Series Introduction”. Or when you need to do systems level work. What are some good courses I can take?

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Been all over the internet looking at this and that and I can say by far that the guy with a video series on youtube is the best thing you’ll come across the audio sucks in the first few but gets much better I suggest earbuds or speakers if you can’t hear it well enough to start https: Community edition was released 6 months ago and “offers all the great functionality of the professional version”.


Video Tutorials C Fundamentals: He has a channel on YouTube that is meant as supplementary material for his students I’m not one of his students, I just stumbled upon his channel but he’s such twbor good hlmework that everything just clicked after watching his videos.

Series Introduction Mod Add to your Playlist. In Lessons 10 and 15 we’ll talk about methods more. When working on a problem, try solving it on your own first and ask for help on specific parts you’re stuck with.

bob tabor c# homework

Asking for code reviews is ok as long as you follow the relevant policies. Many conceptual questions have already been asked and answered. Play C Fundamentals for Absolute Beginners: This was released not too long ago, spread the word.

What is the best online course I can take for C# : csharp

What i wish was explained is why are parenthesis f# by themselves vs when do parenthesis rest inside another pair of parenthesis? Play for Iterations – A concise but descriptive title. I recently viewed the same subject and target audience he put together a few years ago, with VS I would like to you that I have been watching your course upto 15th episode. Please give me the location of the exact location of the zip files needed for the lessons.

bob tabor c# homework

But it might be a close call Edit: Working with Classes and Inheritances in the. Hi Bob, I have been watching your tutorials which have aided me greatly. For example, linking to some tweet or some half-hearted blog post tabir links to the page is not ok; but linking to a tweet with interesting replies or to a blog post that does some extra analysis is.


D, and have had a stroke at a very young age leaving my right side almost useless Your explanation is very clear and extremely detailed. This is a subreddit for learning programming, not a “critique my project” or “advertise my project” subreddit.

for Iterations – 08 | C# Fundamentals: Development for Absolute Beginners | Channel 9

So i will be very thankful to you if u provide me the link from where I can take help. I mostly use Unity because it’s FUN, i’m not sure I learn so much about real programming What I will work with, won’t be a gameprogrammer I’d say it’s pretty different but i’m a novice. Keep up the good work. I can’t remember and might not be as good a practice as maybe honework to learn how to make a web page. About 8 hours and you know bare minimum to write almost any program.

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