Hamza Tzortzis on Thursday, February 6, Developing a Researcher Workshop on November, Focusing on diverse contemporary arts, the students expressed their creativity through projects that they described as products of their experiences, perceptions and ideologies. The Institute of Quality Assurance. The SVAD includes the departments of fine arts, jewellery and accessory design, textile design and visual communication design.

Encouraging the students to not use materials already available in the market, is step one in research and innovation in design and this is the kind of simple effective measures that one wants to see other design schools emulate. Muttaqi Arman Malik Ms. Syed Urooj Samdani Mr. Hons Software Engineering Evening M. Syed Urooj Samdani Ms.

bnu thesis 2011

Phil Educational Leadership and Management Ms. There were other beautiful and creative projects on display which are worth a mention: Diagonsis, Treatment and Classification”.

Quality Assurance

Political Anthropology of an Event:. Nazis Imran Head of the Dept. Shaiza Rizwan Assistant Professor Theais. Program Team for B. The Keynote speakers were Dr.


bnu thesis 2011

Sobia Khan from St. Culture and Economy” by Dr. Maryam Shahab Assessment Team Mr. Clinical Psychology Program Team Ms. The university leader announced the names of the prize winners and presented the awards. She said that firmly establishing the training of talent as the central tenet of all education-related work is a priority.

At BNU, we lay special emphasis on factors like quality of faculty, quality of research, plagiarism control, faculty development, leadership and promoting learning environment in order to enable our students to nurture their creative abilities and become active, outstanding members of community, both personally and professionally.

Hons Software Engineering Evening M. Teachers who received recognition by the Beijing Labor Union, as well as teachers 201 more than thirty years teaching experience, also received awards. Pakistan Institute of Quality Control. Shazia Rizwan Assessment Team Mr. Fatima Nadeem Assessment Team Dr. Mahvesh Jadoon Assistant Professor Ms.

bnu thesis 2011

Hons in Economics B. Distinguished lecture series by Dr.


BNU’s thesis exhibition concludes

Salima Hashmi, renowned artist and member of faculty Mr. Syed Urooj Samdani Ms. Teaching English as a Second Language. Omer Hassan Associate Professor.

BNU’s thesis exhibition concludes | Pakistan Today

Fatima Dar Assistant Professor Ms. March November 12, Bachelor of Design — Visual Communication Design. Phil Education Program Team Ms.

Rohma Khan Assessment Team Ms. The key to improving education is teachers, and at the heart of this is teacher quality and ability. Faculty Course Review Report. Muttaqi Arman Malik Ms.

Survey Of Department Offering Ph.