I agree that this was a great movie, and it side-stepped a predictable ending. You can find two of them here and here. Do you reach the FPP first plot point by page 25 screenplay or at minimum page 50 novel? Finally the hero realizes they have nothing left. We saw Interstellar today.

The stage is thus set for a less predictable third act , because now, looming large over the final race, is the prospect that the team will lose its beloved, inspiring coach, and he and his family will see the web of close relationships they have established in the town sundered. Does each character have a character arc? The bad guys close in figuratively and literally. How does she incorporate the wisdom of the theme into her Finale solution synthesis? He broke this former single note into a five part process, making it much easier to craft the third act.

Or the coach is fired for budgetary reasons.

On Blake Snyder’s SAVE THE CAT

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blake snyder thesis antithesis synthesis

Or My Mom Will Shoot. Save the Cat is a proper manual, a very practical piece. This part of the film is the trailer. Looks like many writers in Hollywood believe the Beat Sheet works.


Beat Sheet Mini Let me know in the comments if and how you use it. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: It helps a lot. As the main protagonist, the coach had the goal of getting out of McFarland to begin with; he needed a win to do that.

blake snyder thesis antithesis synthesis

What the hero had in Thesis, she combines with what she learned from the B story in the Antithesis and is in a new merging of the two worlds. Each of these is another card on the board.

STORYTELLING STRATEGIES: “McFarland USA”‘s Approach – Script Magazine

All Is Lost How does she incorporate the wisdom of the theme into her Finale solution synthesis? Is there a good B syhthesis

There are a few cards left to fill out, but the writer will almost certainly have ideas about scenes that need to be squeezed in here. To be able to compress in a few words what you wrote using thousands, describing tone, style, atmosphere, genre and basic plot, sometimes seems an insurmountable feat. Finally the hero realizes they have nothing left.

Cooper Matthew McConaughey is a farmer, but not by choice. You can find two of them here and here. Hero synthhesis everything he thinks he wants. Act Two is broken in the middle by the Midpoint. Is the final image a reverse of the opening image?


blake snyder thesis antithesis synthesis

The point is to have a simple blueprint for the script before writing it. Is B story bizarro version of world in Act 1? The Blake Snyder Beat Blakee.

This is now the true test! The first row of ten cards, Act One, ends in the first plot point. I tried to guess what my top 3 most-viewed posts would be and got them all wrong. Sh must perform some insane act and or leave, physically or metaphorically antitheis an unfamiliar place.


I like reading your responses, too. This is the resolution. And they are all just as bad. Fun and Games The team members may not be on speaking terms with the main protagonist, at this point.