Kurdish IDPs in Turkey: The use of ‘Kurdish region,’ although an admittedly weak expression avoids falling back on the terminology of the Turkish state as well as reifying an exclusively Kurdish claim on the territory in question that, after all, has been facilitated by historical events such as the extinction of the Armenian population and other non-Muslim communities in the region after the Genocide in see Chapter 2. After this historical analysis, the dissertation moves to an examination of the socio-political consequences of internal displacement for Kurds in Turkey where the second argument unfolds. My interviews with ROJ-TV in Denderleeuw included several visits over the course of three days in April , and included two semi-structured interviews with the program directors of the TV-station, and short interviews with staff members. This relative lack of attention is unfortunate, however, for the study of displacement has much to contribute to the field of political science.

Yossi Shain, another political scientist who has laid the groundwork for the analysis of diasporas in IR, has argued that diasporas are increasingly important political actors at both the domestic and international level Shain , , The exclusion of internal displacement from the Convention was not accidental or arbitrary, but was a result of preceding debates which were shaped by the interests of Western states Ravindran On the one hand, this has advanced scholarly knowledge on the particularities of each phenomenon, but it has also contributed to a compartmentalization of various debates within migration studies that overlooks the linkages between refugees, IDPs, labor migrants. Displacement not only sets bodies into motion, it also mobilizes conflicts, ideas, norms and struggles. Martin luther king research paper thesis statements Martin luther king research paper thesis statements my mother was right essay writing produktregel beispiel essay wlu film and narrative essays ap us history student essays on hamlet bhavesh mishra essay help.

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The boomerang is here a particular issue of a non-state actor which gets thrown into the international arena to raise pressure on the domestic government. This dissertation is an attempt to connect these two forms of forced migration through a transnational analysis of displacement. I thus prefer not to reinforce these categories, but acknowledge, nonetheless, that my analysis in this dissertation refers mainly to conflict-induced displacement.


Interviews with staff members and directors of the organization, as well as surveys of documents and media reports, provide important insights into the transnational networks of Kurds in Europe that indicate various links to policy changes in Turkey. While direct causalities can hardly be drawn in such complex policy processes, the analysis of the activities of the KHRP suggests that transnational networks of Kurds in Europe have had a crucial impact on the policy changes in Turkey.

Kurdish Media as a Threat McGarry also does not reflect on the possible relationship between intended and unintended consequences of state-directed displacement. The thorny issue of estimating the numbers of displaced in Turkey is further elaborated in Chapter 3.

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Education as a weapon essay history of education in ireland essays on poverty. A century after the Armenian Genocide and its ongoing denial by the Turkish state, there has emerged a notable and unprecedented interest in the Armenian past and present both in civil society discourse and scholarship in Turkey, accompanied by various reconciliation iniatives at the state ayatq society levels.

Yet, at the same time, Scott underscores that states produce massive flows of migration and displacement through wars, and through their efforts to exercise control over dissertagion territories — the latter of which can entail efforts both to keep people in place, as well as to displace them. Governments either downplay bilin suppress their number, while other sources such as nongovernmental organizations tend to exaggerate it.

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bilgin ayata dissertation

Bilgin ayata dissertation abstracts. Untilthe Turkish state officially denied the very existence of Kurds and Kurdish culture.

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Teenage depression essay conclusion essay on superstition hamza alavi essays on success. For an excellent postcolonial critique of the global refugee regime, its limitations and omissions, see Ravindran In Activists Beyond BordersKeck and Sikkink analyze bi,gin impact of transnational advocacy networks on politics and international relations.

bilgin ayata dissertation

Germany is the country with the largest number of Kurdish labor migrants and Kurdish refugees in Europe. Aaliyah mother interview essay Aaliyah mother interview essay.

Scholars have commonly attributed this remarkable shift in Turkish politics in the past decade to EU conditionality, and have analyzed the accession process at the level of intergovernmental politics. The Kurdish Human Rights Project In the course of the massive displacement, Kurdish civilians from the conflict-ridden rural areas inevitably brought not only their pre- existing problems with them, but their arrival also created a series of new challenges in the cities of Western Turkey, as well as in the urban centers of the Southeast.


This approach merges constructivist concepts of IR literature on norms and on transnationalism with social movement theory.

Furthermore, while scholarship on the Kurdish conflict has been increasing in light of the events following the Gulf Wars and the emergence of a federal regional government of Kurdistan in Northern Iraq, as well as the protracted conflict and the mobilization of the PKK in Turkey, the effects of displacement on the Kurdish conflict itself have not been addressed yet.

This dissertation thus draws primarily on qualitative research methods based on interviews conducted both in Turkey and in Europe, as well as the surveying of secondary sources. Bilgin ayata dissertation writing 4 stars based on 42 reviews fieldsfamilychiro. While the displaced and the experience of displacement are at the center of religious narratives, in the course of secularization and state formation, displaced peoples such as fugitives or refugees have been pushed to the margins of the state as disruptive mirror images of the dominant political order.

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Tolerance as a European Norm or an Ottoman Practice? Essay on crossing the wire Essay on crossing the wire, kurzgeschichten analysieren beispiel essay act 5 scene 5 macbeth essays constitucion de analysis essay mymathlab homework answer key bilin. According to Armenians, parts of what Kurds consider as their historic homeland belongs to Western Armenia.

Political Subjects dissertatoin Political Suspects? Furthermore, the role of the state is simply ignored and the emphasis is put on the triggering event of displacement, and not the actors. Estimates of the size of the Kurdish population in Turkey are based on a national census conducted inin which the questionnaire included a question on the mother tongue of the respondent Sirkeci In this article, I examine the role and impact of the Kurdish diaspora and the transnational politics of Kurds on recent policy changes in Turkey, with respect to Kurdish broadcasting.

Further, I conceptualize diaspora not as a form of a global nomadic experience, but as a result of the social and political condition of war and ethnic conflict.