One of the most important trends over the last years was undisputedly the swift development from an industrial to the so called information society1 , with the World Wide Web leading the way. Sport – Medien und Kommunikation Sport im Internet. Im Schwerpunkt Online Medienarbeit befasste er sich erstmals mit der Benutzerfreundlichkeit von Websites. Vernetzung der Kommunikationsinstrumente nach Bruhn, b, S. The same can be said for the management of an organisation as a whole of which Public Relations is an important function. Abbildung in dieser Leseprobe nicht enthalten Figure 1:

Not meeting the brand promise or acting in an unethical way in times of the Web 2. Not Enabled Screen Reader: As this example shows and Hennig-Thurau, Hofacker and Bloching , p. It describes the new way in which the Internet is made and used. In order to ensure the presence and visibility of the organisation and a good and solid reputation Public Relations professionals are needed.

However, instead of minimizing the brand crisis with this strategy, it rather escalated and led to a serious brand crisis Ionescu-Somers and Enders The damage for the United Airlines brand is estimated to be considerably high resulting even in a stock price fall Carrol n. The consumer-brand relationship is defined as all subjectively assessed interactions between the brand and the consumer.

Being still in its initial development phase, little knowledge exists on how brand managers should try to maintain the control over the BM process and approach brand related UGC. These personal brand interpretations can transform into important brand touch points that tend to change often and may transmit the brand another meaning Gensler et al.

Nevertheless, it remains rather unclear when a negative brand development can be categorized as a crisis and at which point of time a reaction is necessary Gensler et al. The integration of European markets, globalization and the increasing velocity of innovations, as well as the international and overlapping ecological problems whose solution the economy has to contribute its share to, demand extended perspectives and answers of the management, that goes notably beyond the focus of traditional strategic management.


Furthermore, some users want to show their fan dedication or might desire to experience a certain brand as for instance through the participation in a brand contest Arnholdp.

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Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. As proven by the United Airlines example, the influence of brand related UGC on the brand can be fairly high and dilute or change its meaning. Sponsoring ist ein relativ neues Kommunikationsinstrument.

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Active monitoring of brand related UGC is also necessary in order to take advantage of positive messages such as publishing them on the corporate website and in order to intervene in case of negative trends Hennig-Thurau, Hofacker and Blochingp. Diese Tatsache stellt die zentrale Problemstellung dieser Arbeit dar: Even though these platforms are considered to be the main distribution channel for brand related UGC, a further dissemination through traditional media as for instance television TV and newspapers is not excluded Burmann and Arnhold p.

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This implies that consumers and companies as well as their content can reach and be reached nearly everywhere at any time and that consumers and companies can organize in networks and collaborate in real-time on the Web 2. This definition does not only appear to imply the importance of activeness, but activity carefully planned unternehmenskpmmunikation consideration of circumstances and competitors as well as in accordance with long-term vision.

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Abbildung in dieser Leseprobe nicht enthalten Abb. Melden Sie sich an, um einen Kommentar zu schreiben. This video shows how the guitar of the Canadian musician Dave Carroll was broken because of an improper baggage handling during a flight with United Airlines in Another purpose is to help managerial decision making by giving general recommendations on how to deal with these user generated brand messages.


bachelor thesis unternehmenskommunikation

Business economics – Personnel and Organisation Part-time management in Europe. Due to technological advances and the characteristics of the Web 2. Summing it all up, communication service means:. The identity-based BM approach also stresses the importance of the consumer-brand relationship as the connecting element between the brand identity and brand image constructs. PR involves a variety of actors, who are required to actively participate in this relationship and the image building and sustainment process.

Whereas from this conventional perspective on BM the brand is owned and firmly controlled by the company, the Web 2. Mast does not only emphasise the importance of such fundamental factors for the company or organisation as such, but recognises their effect on the flexibility and efficiency of internal procedures and accomplishments of external communication processes for communications departments in particular.

Not meeting the brand promise or acting in an unethical way in times of the Web 2. Traditional Brand Management Process 2.

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WOM is defined as an informal consumer-to-consumer communication containing personal product and brand related messages and therefore represents a dissemination channel whereas brand related UGC refers to the created content Arnholdp. The thewis describe the corresponding strategy as rather passive since the management only responds to negative brand related UGC. User-Generated Content in On E L Eric Lenz Autor.