Example Use Case Specification: A Basic Example Control panel Sensors commands and data sensor status Home Security software display information telephone tones alarm type Panel display. Types of UML Diagram. Framework under which a software product is going to be developed. Part 1 State the benefits of using a checking account Determine which checking account is best for you Identify. You might look for convenience of branch locations, great customer service,. UML Notations” Lecture 8:

If the user enters 1 to make a balance inquiry, the screen displays the user s account balance. If the withdrawal amount is greater than the user s account balance, the screen displays a message stating this and telling the user to choose a smaller amount. We identify some key states that our objects may occupy and discuss how objects change state in response to various events occurring in the system. It also should contain an option to allow the user to exit the system option 4. We present our own simplified design process.

Credit card processing through offline involves the merchant collecting order information More information. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. The manual method of keeping and More information.

If the withdrawal amount chosen is less than or equal to the user s account balance i. The word currenttransaction at the Withdrawal end of the association line is a role name, identifying the role the Withdrawal object plays in its relationship with the ATM. What is the ReliaCard?

An Example of Object-Oriented Design: An ATM Simulation

This document provides a short ooax of LoadRunner s features, and includes the following sections: In the next several sections, we perform the steps of a simple object-oriented design OOD process on the ATM system to produce a design specification containing a collection of UML diagrams and supporting text.


An independent ATM host can access any bank.

We may also conclude that some of the nouns do not correspond to parts of the system and thus should not be modeled at all. Similarly the money dispenser is able to dispense the required amount of money.

ATM Case Study Part 1

CRC – Allocate Responsibilities: If a has-a relationship does not satisfy one or more of these criteria, the UML specifies that hollow diamonds be attached to the ends of association lines to indicate aggregation a weaker form of composition.

To do so, the Sgudy must retrieve the balance from the bank s database. You should have all the knowledge about the diagrams which you have included in your presentation. Level 1 Identified Use Case Name: Only one class in the relationship can represent the whole Ooar parts in the composition relationship exist only as long as the whole does, and the whole is responsible for the creation and destruction of its parts.

Collaboration Diagram Initial Idea! Risk Management Section V: A use case diagram models the interactions between a system s clients and its use cases.

atm case study ooad

Unified Modeling More information. Instead, we model the three types of transactions i.

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We will investigate how they are drawn, how they. Next the list the words or phrases from the requirements ooac that describe each class. Know about financial documents Unit 2 Learn about managing money Instructions and answers for teachers These instructions should accompany the OCR Lesson Element Know about financial documents, which supports.


This part of the diagram reads one object of class Ooax executes zero or one objects of class Withdrawal. Classes 1 Finding classes Choosing classes is first step in defining essence of problem If you can recognize an abstraction, you ve found a candidate class If you can formulate a statement of purpose for More fase.

The concept of this machine was for customers to pay utility More information. Tax system extracts tax payments from company database which is the actor in this company system?

atm case study ooad

Automated Banking System Case studies: When designing any system, one must solve the problem right, but ooax equal importance, one must solve the right problem. The user enters a five-digit PIN using the keypad.

Example Use Case Specification: The manual method of keeping and.

atm case study ooad

The output of the design stage a design specification – specifies clearly how the system should be constructed to satisfy these requirements. It also supports a large number of ATMs placed with different merchants. The UML may be used to visualize, specify, construct, More information.