None of these beliefs are true; in fact FGC has quite the opposite effect on fertility and the health of the girls. Cheeeek that out dude. Government should orientate and educate all local heads, traditional heads, and family heads of villages, communities, cities and states exposing the various harms in this practice. Video Picture Save Cancel. Those who engage in this practice believe that it is a rite one must perform to cross into womanhood; Before marriage or child bearing.

According to the World Health Organization WHO , female genital mutilation includes procedures that intentionally alter or injure female genital organs for non-medical reasons, and is mostly carried out by traditional circumcisers who often play other central roles in communities, such as attending childbirths; and that it is increasingly being performed by healthcare providers. There are three forms of FGC. Ugrade to Premium Membership to feature this review at the top of your content and also on listings across the site. The FGC is considered a safeguard against casual and premarital sex. But it is a migration from healthy lifestyle to an unhealthy living; Exposing our girls and women with two or more diseases and depressions. Add video Add picture Submit Cancel Delete.

Former Peruvian President, Alan Garcia shoots himself as police arrest him. The higher the education of a woman the less likely she is to have her child undergo the cutting.

argumentative essay female circumcision should be abolished

More Health and Fitness Essays. BBC – Boeing has grounded its entire global fleet of Max aircraft after investigators uncovered new evidence at aggumentative scene of the fatal Ethiopian Airlines crash. They were afraid of him and they decided to bring me back to the midwife.

Because of such beliefs, she will find it next to impossible to socialize and freely get involved in community activities. The law enforcement agency should be vigilant both the parent and grand aunties should be prosecuted. This is bold text and this is normal text. The opening is billed for argumrntative at 20h00, She eventually took her degree in France. Furthermore, Female circumcision awareness programs should be done by the Government to the local chiefs, traditional heads, etc.


Purification is one of the traditional beliefs of why FGC is necessary. In Nigeria there are ethnic groups that believe if a eessay comes into contact with the clitoris during childbirth the baby will die.

Female Gential Mutilation should be abolished

And whereas telling some mature females from this part of the world about female genital mutilation FGM is like playing a flute to a deaf person, a young girl from a culture that practises it grows up well knowing that female genital mutilation is a rite she is supposed to fulfill on her passage to womanhood. Bragg fiber grating papers research sensor Thesis abut psychlogy What is the word max for college essays Does purdue university recommend sat essays Essay on our environment Contoh essay buat beasiswa Describtion of a sculpture bust thesis Essay about fan experience in ojt Rhetorical analysis commercial essay theses Essay on the importance of wildlife Daniel weingarth thesis Thesis how to write an abstract.

Therefore, the justification via religious beliefs is unfounded confirmed by femake main offending religions messiah himself. Drag a picture from your file manager argjmentative this box, or click to select. As a result, many young girls, sometimes despite their level of education, have craved it.

argumentative essay female circumcision should be abolished

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Sign in with Twitter. Abllished is well aware that if she fails to accomplish this rite she will not be married, since no man is willing to marry an uncircumcised woman, who is regarded as unclean and not yet a woman. A year-old labourer was on Friday sentenced to six years imprisonment by Magistrate Fabayo Azore after confessing to escaping from the Cove and John Police Station along with counts of armed Examples of such diseases are urinary tracts infections, severe bleeding, painful intercourse and childbirth, cysts infertility, anxiety, severe depression, psychosomatic illness and many more.

I screamed till I lost my voice.

Female Gential Mutilation should be abolished, essay by Adekoya Adetunji

Clearly, female circumcision is an inhumane practice justified with ignorant beliefs and false benefits. She can say, you lost interest in me and thats why the marriage is over.

Mohammed, the god of the Muslims, declared rights for women although they are to be considered below men.

He opposed the asymmetrical sexual moral standards between men and women.

About Mesothelioma by Demesca. Others believe the clitoris will grow to be penis like and drag on the ground.

Video Picture Save Cancel. It is also estimated 2 million more girls from ages four to twelve years old will be cut annually.

Argumentative Essay on Female Circumcision

This archaic practice denies women their inherent right to enjoy sex, since the most sensitive sexual organ on their bodies, the clitoris, is the one which is cut. Sign in with Facebook. It seemed like the most difficult thing to do at that point, but I did it.