This practice was discontinued as of the school year and replaced with optional labs that teach concepts. For example, the Java quick reference mentions Math. You should be familiar with the Java Quick Reference. There are no question on the specific content of the labs on the AP exam, but there are questions that test the concepts developed in the labs. Enrollments in our CSE and CSE introductory courses are going up steadily, as you can see in this chart and this video. The AP exam currently tests students on their knowledge of Java.

On each of the exams, at least one free-response question was derived from the case study. Be familiar with the course topics as listed in the course description the document that is often referred to as the “acorn booklet” because of the acorn on the cover. The GridWorld Case Study was used as a substitute for writing a single large program as a culminating project. Retrieved 22 February Information can be found on this page. Archived from the original on

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Students aren’t required to be familiar with the specific contents of the labs, but the development committee seems to be drawing on the topics covered in these labs in choosing free response questions. This practice was discontinued as of the school year and replaced with optional labs that teach concepts. The discontinued AP Computer Science AB course included all the topics of AP Computer Science A, as well as a more formal and a more in-depth study of algorithmsdata structuresand data abstraction.


The Big Integer case study was in use prior to Archived from the original on 20 June AP Computer Science AB, which was equivalent to a full year, was discontinued following the May exam administration. Recent exams have included a lot of string processing tasks, so it is important to be familiar with that. The AP exam currently tests students on their knowledge of Java.

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The exam can be given as a timed exam through computr Practice-It tool. Vergil Latin Literature Physics B v t e. The case study was designed to allow the College Board to quickly test a student’s knowledge of object oriented programming ideas such as inheritance and encapsulation while requiring students to understand how objects such as “the environment”, “the fish”, and the simulation’s control module interact with each other without having to develop the entire environment independently, which would be quite time consuming.

Retrieved from ” https: Using sstudy from students and teachers, we have put together a queston sample multiple-choice practice exam that has a similar distribution of questions to the actual exam.

It would probably be best to download the page document once using this linkalthough the links below will open the document to the particular section mentioned: That means you can start directly in our CSE class with that score. Use the search feature to find, for example, “ArrayList” sdience.

ap computer science gridworld case study sample exam questions

In the administration, 39, students took the exam. Keep in mind that there is a specific Java subset for the exam that mentions exactly which constructs they might include on the exam.


This case study was discontinued fromand was replaced by GridWorld. The Picture lab gives students practice with xp arrays and working with objects e. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

AP Computer Science A

It is a good idea to review the 3-page Topic Outline that begins on page 12 to make sure that you are familiar with all of the required topics. Accessed September 15, Retrieved 22 February It was replaced by the Marine Biology case study.

It served as an example of object-oriented programming OOP embedded in a more complicated design project than most students had worked with before. Archived from the original on February 26, We would call this a “cheat sheet” for the exam because it is part of the exam booklet and will be available to you throughout the test.

As mentioned above, we have a string processing lesson. Archived from the original on Kevin Wang is putting computer scientists into high schools”. Retrieved 8 July By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. We’ve been able to handle the huge increase because of a small army of talented undergraduate TAs who love helping us teach students how to program in Java.

ap computer science gridworld case study sample exam questions

Beforethe AP exam tested students on their knowledge of Pascal.