The school provides this book in an attempt to strengthen communication between school and home. Try adding mango, Swiss cheese, or tuna to your green salad. Repeated offenses may require permanent confiscation. The first essential step is to go to the immediate source and establish the facts. Our focus is on the act of doing; the process is stressed, not the finished product.

In order to be recognized for Perfect Attendance, a student must be present at school every school day and have no tardiness all of the term. Due dates and deadlines will not be extended for unexcused absences. Add fruit to your preschooler s breakfast by using it to top cereal. Toys that are brought or played with without the teacher s permission may be confiscated and kept with the teacher for up to one week. Login to Digital Campus. In case of an emergency transportation change, please call the Transportation office maximum by 1:

al zuhour private school homework

Privat incidents will require a parent phone call by the assistant principal to discuss alternatives that will allow the student to arrive on time. Arrangements to make up tests and other work must be made with the relevant class teacher. Have a temperature that exceeds 38 Co. In case your child brings any of these, the teacher will take them and return them to your child or the bus matron at the end of the day. Students should not plan to leave school for reasons such as medical appointments or early travel plans.


Make sure it is in a childproof container labeled with the student s zuhor and class. Parents will be informed by the supervising teacher for each infraction and the consequence.

Giving your child a breakfast which contains fiber oatmeal, shredded wheat, berries, bananas, whole-grain pancakes, etc.

The first years of your child s life are considered formative years. Without prior instruction from you, we will send your child home in the usual manner We cannot accept verbal changes from your child or a pivate or your child s bus matron Eating and Drinking on the Bus Sharing food is not allowed on the bus.

al zuhour private school homework

Login to Digital Campus. Have signs of conjunctivitis pinkeye with matter coming from one or both eyes, itching or crust on eyelids. All faculty members have the responsibility and the right to enforce school rules, and students are expected to respond zunour.

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If your child needs to leave school early, please send in a note via the channel book or contact us on: I would run through more fields and gaze at more stars. Vary the cereals, types of bread, and sandwich fillings you buy week to week. Acknowledging student demonstrations of good character is important. Invitation by Expo Young Entrepreneurs Initiative.

Redirection is used to correct inappropriate behavior. In case of an emergency transportation change, please call the Transportation office maximum by 1: Permission by phone will not be accepted. To provide a quality international education while maintaining the cultural identity.

Girls are expected to keep their hair tied back or wear a headband school colors only.


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Buses will depart at the assigned time. Our transportation department will not approve a “two days here and three days there” type of arrangement. I’d take my eyes off my watch, and watch with my eyes.

Students have one school day for each day of an excused absence to make up the work once they return to school. Please do not leave voice messages and if you send an SMS you must receive a confirmation message in return. Try adding mango, Swiss cheese, or tuna to your green salad. Situated in the heart of the fast-growing city of Sharjah, Al Zuhour offers affordable quality education to more than students of various nationalities mainly UAE locals and Arab Expats. zunour

al zuhour private school homework

Afaf Privatw Hameed as the Principals. For example, fresh juice, milk, fruit, sandwiches, and other healthy food are highly encouraged. Shoes must be black, gray, or white.

This is applicable for grades 1 to 4 Outstanding Attendance: We invite your comments, concerns, and ideas to make our behavior plan work at school. Please support us by: Let your child choose a new vegetable to add to soup.